A Campus Unlike any Other

Amity University Dubai spans across 700 000 square feet. Not only is it environmentally sustainable, with intelligent building management systems, such as motion-sensor lights, the classrooms are digitised and there are sports and fitness facilities to help flex your athletic aspirations or simply stay fit and healthy. Amity University Dubai is also home to over 30 specialised laboratories to provide students with hands-on experience and insight of what their future work environment will require from them.

If it’s space you’re after, you won’t be disappointed. Students have access to various areas for brainstorming and studying. Designed by a world-renowned firm, Canon Design, each area has been carefully thought through, with bold colours strategically placed throughout the walkways and classrooms to inspire creativity and create a strong sense of community.

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Convenience is key. There are multiple food stations including Gate 2 Asia, which serves a range of Arabic and Asian food, Tim Hortons, which offers students a 20% discount on a variety of meals and the Cold Stone Creamery, which provides indulgent treats and desserts.