Amity Dubai Theatre’s debut performance

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’. Amity University Dubai’s undergraduate students embraced Shakespeare’s sublime story of love, jealously and revenge as they enacted the emotional and tragic tale of ‘Othello’ to a live audience that included VIP guests from Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), industry experts, fellow actors, peers and school-going students.

The performance at the Amity University Dubai Auditorium marked Amity Dubai Theatre’s first live show. Amity Dubai Theatre is a student-driven initiative that aims to reach the region’s educational community and impact students of all ages through theatre, art and creativity. Over 300 students from Amity University Dubai auditioned for roles in Othello, with 22 finally selected to enact in the play and 50 students working behind-the-scenes to help bring the show alive.

Shakespeare’s classic characters were brought to life by a group of talented student actors that delved deep into their characters, portraying emotions of hatred, friendship and affection with ease. The diverse team that worked on the production and direction of Othello included Amity’s students from different cultural backgrounds, academic years and programmes.

Theatre is a great way to bring the community together and it also teaches students important life skills – teamwork, commitment and discipline. The team behind Othello, Amity Theatre Dubai, are now reaching out to other education institutes around the region to spread their love for the arts by performing for their staff and students. To get in touch with Amity Theatre Dubai and have them perform at your school, email at .

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