Amity University Dubai Host a Public Seminar to Spread Awareness on Coronavirus

As the World Health Organization declares Coronavirus a Global Health Emergency and UAE residents continue to speculate about the causes, effects and signs of the spreading disease, Amity University Dubai organised a public seminar to discuss the implications of Coronavirus while also touching on some of the latest research and treatment for the infectious disease.  

The seminar that was held on campus, included deliberations by professionals from a range of backgrounds and fields of work. Director of Northwest Medical Clinic, Dr. Zia Ul Hassan discussed the widespread outbreak of the virus and overall public unrest as more cases continue to be detected worldwide. Also present on the panel were Health Education specialist and former Professor at Zayed University, Dr. Ludmilla F. Scott, Chief Medical Officer of National General Insurance, Dr. Ghulam Teli and Health Promotion Director at German Heart Centre, Limin Zhang.

Panelists shared their professional insights into the social and economic implications of the disease, its impacts on public perception and the overall fear among residents. Rumors were dispelled and concerns were addressed during the 2 hour seminar.

The Panelists also highlighted the role of the Ministry of Health in the UAE for following a very effective epidemiological monitoring mechanism, and taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that highly efficient preventive measures in accordance with the best global practices.

The event ended with a question and answer session where parents, students and attendees were able to share their concerns and experiences, while also asking a range of important questions related to coronavirus and its symptoms.

Amity Education CEO, Dr. Vajahat Hussain said “It is important that we educate the public and share our knowledge and findings with students and parents. Having healthcare, medical and media professionals on campus to deliberate on the current status of the disease is vital to understanding more about the virus. Although we have learnt so much in a short span of time, we still have a lot more to learn and understand. We hope to be able to positively impact the community and decrease the number of false reports, by educating people.”

Amity University