Amity University Dubai students impress all at Industry Day

Alongside academic progress, Amity University Dubai focuses on developing students into employable, confident graduates with the knowledge, skills, and experience to make a change in the world. Amity Industry Day has become an essential part of their annual academic calendar, as part of one of the University’s initiatives to get students #futureready.

Each year, students from all programmes participate in the University’s Summer Internship Programme, and share their learning experiences at Industry Day. This year over 400 students showcased posters, research papers, videos, write-ups and portfolios, both virtually and on-campus for the annual activity. Keeping with safety guidelines, only 150 projects were displayed on campus, while the remaining were presented virtually.

The global pandemic brought about many unforeseen changes to the format of student internships, with many students working with organisations and teams digitally, part-time or in a staggered manner. Internships and part-time jobs are key to elevating a students’ university experience and Industry Day aims to recognise and acknowledge the success and hard work put in by students over the summer months to complete their online and in-person internships.

Prominent business owners, organisation heads, department leaders, industry mentors and potential employers of public and private sector firms in the UAE and abroad, joined the day-long virtual and in-person event which included networking sessions and an introduction to student projects.

Amity Education ME CEO, Dr. Vajahat Hussain said “The objective of Industry Day is to encourage collaboration and networking amongst our students and industry professionals. With education at the core of UAE’s National Agenda for Vision 2021, our partnerships with organisations signify our commitment to ensuring that students develop key competencies required to succeed in a workplace. At Amity University Dubai, we have a dedicated Corporate Resource Centre team that assist students in securing part-time and full-time jobs, while also giving them the training they need to strengthen their ability to find employment.”