Dubai – A preferred MBA destination

With a diverse range of courses that service several industries and markets, every year universities in Dubai attract thousands of students from around the globe. As the number of students looking to experience different cultures and diverse environments increase, the demand for Education in the region continues to grow at a rapid rate.

MBA in Dubai – What’s so special about it?

A hub for business and education

Dubai has been a central hub for business in the Middle East for decades. From golden beaches and glass skyscrapers to snow parks and endless deserts, the city offers a high standard of living with a range of options and possibilities to its citizens and visitors. Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned business giants and global think tanks set up their regional Middle East offices in Dubai, with numerous creative and successful start-ups established to support the growing economy. The region is an incubator for innovative ideas and technologically advanced smart solutions that are encouraged, ideated and implemented at a rapid rate throughout the year.

A city that invests heavily in international education

Dubai is a growing city that is home to people from all around the world. Students from the US, UK, Europe and Asia often move to Dubai to in order to study further or pursue better job opportunities. The city’s high education standards and quality, along with the diverse learning options and curriculums, make it an ideal city for expatriates and residents.

Enhance your career with an MBA at Amity Dubai

Amity University Dubai is one of Dubai’s leading universities, offering quality education and experienced faculty, coupled with an international community of students from all over the world. AMITY’s faculty have both the industry experience and qualifications required to equip students with an overall understanding of job roles, requirements and business functions. The mixture of academicians, experienced professionals and industry leaders, strike the perfect balance between theory and practical learning. Giving students an insight into the different types of working cultures and requirements within a professional setting.

Diverse MBA programmes offered

Considering the rising demand within various industries in Dubai, we offer a general MBA along with specialised MBA programmes. We offer:

  • MBA (Dubai, US, UK)
  • MBA (Logistics)
  • MBA (Construction Project Management)
  • MBA (Working Professionals Mode)

We also offer a range of BBA programmes.

Our periodic recruitment drives and relationships with recruiters have contributed to the creation of programmes that are in-demand in the UAE. We also regularly host leading organisations looking for part-time and full-time student recruits. This is done through student placement drives that are scheduled every year.

Majority of Amity alumni hold senior positions in companies of all sizes within the region and in their home countries. Amity’s approach towards research, innovation and leadership along with each student’s personal merit, have made this possible.

What does it cost to do an MBA at AMITY?

An MBA at Amity Dubai is an investment that will pay off once you begin your career. The current fees is approximately AED 45,000 per year. This can vary based on the specific programmes and modules you choose from.

How to choose the specialisation that is best for you

Aptitude and interest are two key considerations when choosing a specialisation. Amity Dubai offers programmes that will help boost your career. Whether you prefer a more generic approach to an MBA or you prefer a specialised one, there is a programme at AMITY for you. From Finance & Accounting, Human Resource Management, Marketing & Sales and Production & Operations Management, our Career Counsellors along with Faculty can guide you through the decision making process.

Career opportunities in Dubai after MBA

The country offers a range of career choices and opportunities for professionals that dream big and want to explore their options. Students that successfully complete the Amity Dubai MBA course find career opportunities within a wide range of sectors in a number of positions, depending on the specialisation chosen. From mid-level positions in finance, marketing, banking, public relations, human resource, general management and consultancies, our students are placed in companies worldwide with the help of the University’s placement team. A future filled with possibilities is what you can expect by doing an MBA at AMITY in Dubai. For the admission process and other key details, do visit

Amity University