Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Safety Protocols - FAQs

We continue to work hard to ensure that our campus and facilities maintain the highest levels of hygiene. Covid-19 prevention efforts will continue as per Dubai Government guidelines, in order to ensure that students are in a safe and secure environment. 

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about what we are doing for your safety, at Amity University Dubai.


    1. What policies and procedures are in place to ensure student and staff safety and security?

    • Thermal scanners have been placed in the main lobby, and temperature screening is being conducted for everyone entering the campus facility.
    • Students and visitors are required to use the designated entry and exit points when on campus.
    • A designated Isolation Area for students showing signs of covid-19 symptoms or students with high temperatures. 
    • Student & Guest movement is being guided throughout the day.
      • Students are expected to walk at a safe distance of 1mts in all common areas.
      • All visitors must present vaccination cards or a green pass to enter the campus.
      2. When are students expected back on campus?
      We are fortunate to have the space and facilities to accommodate a 100% capacity while complying with all protocols levied by the Dubai Government. In-person classes on campus are being conducted as per the Government's compliance & approval.

      3. Will the University’s transport services be operational?
      Yes, buses will operate at a 50% capacity and temperature checks will be conducted before students get on the bus. Students with a temperature of 37.5C or above, will not be permitted on the bus and will be asked to return home. 

      4. What are the designated entry and exit points on campus?
      Students that use transport facilities outsourced by Amity can enter the campus through Gate-G2A and exit through Gate-G3. Students using public transport or the drop off facility, can enter and exit the campus through the pedestrian gate of Gate-G1A.  Students, staff and visitors using their own vehicles, need to enter the campus through Gate-G2B and exit through Gate-G1B.

      5. How are temperature checks being conducted?
      Once students reach campus, temperatures will be checked through the installed thermal scanners. Staff will have access to handheld thermometers for periodic checks during the day.
      If staff or students have temperature of 37.5C or above, they will be asked to wait in the Isolation Area for  about ten minutes before their temperature is checked again (summer temperatures can affect body temperatures). If temperature remains elevated, the student’s parents and Health Authorities will be informed, based on safety protocols.

      6. Are masks required at all times? Does the University provide spare masks in case of an emergency?
      Wearing a mask on campus is mandatory at all times, even in a classroom. Students are encouraged to bring extra masks and gloves with them. In case of an emergency, the University’s Health and Safety Officer will provide masks. 

      7. Is vaccination mandatory?
      Vaccination is the only route for the safety and wellbeing of all. We are encouraging all students to get vaccinated.

      8. Should I come to the University if I am feeling unwell?
      If a student is unwell, they should stay home. In case of any signs of symptoms – such as a cough, high temperature, lack of taste, lack of smell or general lethargy, students must stay at home. Contact your Programme Leader, in order to initiate online classes during this duration. 

      9. What do I do if I feel unwell while on campus?
      If you experience any of the below symptoms or if you are feeling unwell, students must visit the Isolation Area to get checked by our designated Health and Safety Officers. Ensure that you inform your Programme Leader by email, if you are asked to return home. 

      Below are a list of key symptoms:
      • Cough
      • Fever
      • Breathlessness 
      • Body aches
      • Loss of taste or smell
      • Discomfort or nausea 
      10. What will happen if staff or students are tested positive for covid-19
      If a covid-19 case is confirmed, contact tracing will be initiated. All staff and students that might have been exposed and have symptoms are required to remain in quarantine at home until they are symptom free.


      1. How is social distancing maintained in classrooms?
      Classrooms, labs and common spaces have been decluttered and non-essential furniture removed. Class strength for all programmes will be regulated. 

      2. What is the student attendance policy for the semester?
      Our student attendance policy will remain unchanged i.e. a 75% attendance requirement for each course. Special situations will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.

      3. Can I pay my University fees online?
      Contactless fee payments are encouraged. To complete your payments online, visit (
      For cash payments, students/ parents can visit the Cashier on campus.


      1. Can I use the University’s dining facilities? 
      Dining Services are open and available throughout the day, including the outlets. Students will need to maintain social distancing norms when dining on campus. Food outlets will operate strictly as per the Dubai Municipality guidelines relating to catering services.

      2. Will drinking water be available on campus?
      Students are advised to bring their own food and drinks. Water bottles can be availed through the vending machines placed on all floors at AED 1/-  each. Contact-less water refilling stations are available for students who bring their own bottles.

      3. Can I use the University Library and borrow books?
      Yes, our Library is open and students can borrow books.

      4. Are the elevators on campus functional?
      Yes, all elevators will be in use throughout the day. Students will need to maintain physical distance inside the lift. 

      5. Are the University’s sports facilities open?
      All contact sports including football, basketball, cricket, tennis and badminton are permitted if you bring your own equipment to avoid contact from others through the sports equipment, keeping with MOE regulations. The University’s pool and gym are open, students can also use our sports facilities for activities like yoga, running and more.

      6. What about club meetings and other events?
      Club activities, student meetings, conferences and other events are operational. 


      1. When will the Student Residences be operational?
      Our Student Residences are open and will function throughout the year. To learn more or book a room, email or

      2. If I am returning/moving into the Student Residences, what procedures do I need to follow?
      In order to ensure safety and security of all our student residents, it is important that we follow the rules and guidelines set by the Government of Dubai. Students will need to comply with local procedures and policies when returning to the UAE. 

      Please note that covid-19 related rules and regulations may change as per circumstances and hence please refer to (  for the most updated guidelines related to isolation / vaccination etc. and your airline website for travel related information.

      • All students are encouraged to take approved vaccine jabs prior to departure
      • All returning residents are urged to take the covid-19 test prior to departure. Students may be required to take another test when they arrive at the Dubai Airport. Test results are normally shared 24 to 48 hours later.
      • Keep an active mobile phone with you at all times.
      • All guidelines set by the Student Residences office must be followed.
      Self-isolation is an effective measure of prevention. Students will need to follow the University’s mandatory procedures, when in isolation.

      • Remain in the room assigned to you during your isolation period.
      • No access or entry to the main University building and Sports Hall. Restricted access to the laundry room and common areas. 
      • Prior SMS/email approval is required when leaving your allotted room.
      If your test results are negative, you will need to continue following the general guideless that are applicable to all residents. If your results are positive, you will be required to self-isolate and comply with DHA policies. We encourage students and parents to comply with Amity University Dubai’s instructions and the local government rules in order to prevent penalties.

      3. Do I need to bring anything with me when returning to the University’s Residences?
      • Ensure that you have all you need in the event of a 14-day isolation. 
      • Bring medication and supplies with you and stock up on ready-to-eat/canned foods that will last 2-3 days.
      • Carry a debit/credit card or any online mode of payment to order food/groceries online.
      4. Can I get food and groceries delivered to me if I live on campus?
      Our Residence Manager will make the necessary arrangements for the delivery of food and groceries for the benefit of students in isolation in the dorm.

      5. What should I do if I feel unwell, while in the dorm?
      Contact our Residence Manager on +971 55 991 9820 if you feel uneasy or unwell.  

      6. Will I be allowed to go out with friends?
      No restrictions are placed on students that want to meet with friends and family outside the University campus.

      7. How are you ensuring the safety and security of student residences?
      We are following the health and safety protocols as advised by the authorities. Frequently touched surfaces and all common areas, including bathrooms are being sanitized several times a day. Disinfection drives are conducted, based on Dubai Municipality’s cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.

      For further information about our reopening plans and procedures, please contact Student Services on or call +9714 4554 900.

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