An annual initiative by the students and faculty of Amity University Dubai’s Fashion Design Department, FASTE is a fashion show that aims to bring glamour to the forefront of sustainable fashion and textile recycling. The show’s theme ‘Made from waste, with taste’, follows a concept that focuses on reusing old clothing, textiles and waste materials to create eco-friendly collections. With a goal to transform textile and non-textile waste into stunning, scalable and commercially viable collections that inspire an audience; students created an impressive selection of innovative and trendy garments that caught everyone’s attention. From generic waste like magazines, plastic spoons, shopping bags, newspapers, plastic water bottles, chips packets, cable wires and plastic straws to old clothes, padded cushions and dated tablecloths, students collected and cleaned waste material that was then used to create avant-garde outfits were walked down the runway by student models. 45 looks were showcased at the FASTE runway fashion show which was open to design and non-design students from all universities in the UAE.
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