With artificial intelligence at the forefront of recent advances worldwide, it is vital that we build on our knowledge of computational intelligence to understand and learn more about the future of the industry and the adjacent categories that will be positively impacted. Scientists, researchers, scholars and practitioners from all across the globe gathered under one roof to participate in the IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Knowledge Economy (ICCIKE 2019) organised by Amity University Dubai. The interactive platform saw participants share knowledge, ideas, models and techniques through keynote speeches, paper presentations and panel discussions over two days. ICCIKE attracted over 400 papers from 31 countries, with the review committee finally selecting 157 papers that were presented in 17 different sessions. From school age students, engineering graduates and postgraduates to fellow scholars and industry experts, ICCIKE 2019 attracted attendance from anyone with an interest in computational intelligence and its various segments.
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