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Unpublished Original technical papers are sought in the following tracks.

The topics of interest include, but not limited to:

Business And Management
  • International Market Entry and Cross Cultural Management
  • Workers’ rights and Corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Embedded knowledge in the organizational setting
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics management and Supply chain strategy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Training & Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Global and Multicultural Issues
  • Strategic HR Management
  • E-Marketing Management
  • Ethics and Consumer Protection
Technology and Business Innovation
  • International Technology Management Policy and Strategy
  • Technology Monitoring Audit Evaluation
  • Computational Sciences and Applications (Mathematics Forensics Etc.)
  • High Performance Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Network Analysis Network Security & Encryption Techniques
  • Big Data and Innovation
  • Computation in Thermal Systems
  • Ad Hoc Network and Wireless Security
  • IoT and 5G
  • Software Engineering
  • Computation in Mechanical System Analysis
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality as Applied to Computational Science
  • Technology Strategy Collaboration and Competition.
  • Managing and Commercializing Intellectual Property.
  • Technology Transfer and Innovation Support Organizations.
  • Managing Virtual Teams and Environments for Innovation.
  • Environment Performance Optimization
  • Globalization Business/Government Relations
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship and SME Management
  • New Business Models
  • Agricultural Business Management
  • SME challenges & Issues
  • SME & Globalization
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Education
  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Government Innovation Policy and Regulation for Innovation
  • Process and Product Innovation and Diffusion
  • Knowledge Asset Management
  • Women Entrepreneurship
Green Computing in Technology Management
  • Green Electronics and Communication
  • Sustainable Development and Optimization Techniques
  • IT issues and challenges in Sustainable Management
  • Sustainable Energy and Growth
  • Innovation in Sustainable Technology
  • Waste Management
  • Green Computing for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Environment Materials
  • Organizational and social sustainability
  • Sustainable Assessment and Tools
Sustainable Converging Technology
  • Agricultural Informatics and Communication
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Bio-inspired optimization
  • Community Information Systems
  • Disaster Management
  • DNA Computing
  • E-governance e-Commerce e-business e-Learning
  • Forest Genomics and Informatics
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Hybrid Intelligent Systems
  • Irrigation Informatics
  • Nature-inspired Computing
  • Neural Networks
  • Open Source: Challenges and opportunities
  • Remote Sensing GIS and GPS
Artificial Intelligence and Business Automation in Management
  • Blockchain in Management
  • Bot Management
  • Neuro-Marketing
  • Wearable’s Body Sensor Networks Smart Portable Devices
  • Managing Organizational Learning Knowledge and Technological Change
  • Automation in Manufacturing
  • Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Software Engineering and AI
  • Automation and Modeling Approaches with AI
Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Contemporary Issues in Business Organisation and Management
  • Emerging Trends in Accounting and Finance.
  • Strategic Management Issues in Emerging Economies.
  • Financing Constraints and Entrepreneurship
  • Statics and Dynamics in Economics.
  • Literature and Globalization
  • Literary Theory
  • Migration, Diaspora and Exile
  • The Concept of Home and Identity in the Global Era
  • Cultural Studies
Case Study Track
  • Finance, Accounting And Control
  • Economics, Politics And Business Environment
  • Strategy And General Management
  • Human Resource Management And Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing
  • Production And Operations Management
  • Ethics And Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge, Information And Communication