Guiding you every step of the way

Guidance Counsellors


Our career guidance counsellors help prospective students decide which programme is best for them. This is done during a face-to-face counselling session that is followed by a tour of the Amity University campus.

What is discussed during this session?

Our counsellors take special care in assessing each student by discussing the most important factors that could influence their career path. We’ve listed a few of these factors below:


  • Personal strengths
  • Skills
  • Personality traits
  • Capabilities
  • Values


These sessions can be highly beneficial to students, here’s why:


A counselling session eliminates confusion

Often students don’t have a clear understanding of what their potential career involves or which subjects are needed to be successful. Our guidance counsellors help students understand all the requirements and eliminate any confusion that may occur further down the line.


Career counselling is objective

Students grow up with pre-conceived ideas of what a specific career entails. Guidance counsellors can help settle questions and give students a better, clearer idea of what they could expect.


Prospective students gain exposure to more careers

Many times students are not aware of the various types of careers that are available. By talking to our guidance counsellors, they’re better equipped to make informed decisions that suit their skill set and interests.