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Thousands of books, periodicals, national and international journals covering all aspects of academic studies and research material is what you’ll find in the library at Amity University. We also provide online access to some of the most in-demand online journals, including Oxford, Cambridge, and Nature.

We have a self-check-in and -out system

The library has two manual circulation desks for checking out. In addition, we also have a “Self-Check-in” & “Self-Checkout” service through kiosks that are fully operational 24/7. This gives students the freedom to borrow and return books anytime it’s needed.


Our students are overwhelmingly happy about this service as it allows them access to the library at their convenience. This automated circulation system revamped the library’s circulation desk, and we further upgraded the self-check equipment with RFID security. Library material is now back on the shelf within 24 hours of the return date.


Our mobile app also allows students to renew their loans from anywhere, which is great added value as it helps students avoid overdue charges on the loaned material.


Our library is filled with variety

Amity University Dubai Library houses close to 13 000 books including collections of  Accounting, Management, Mass Communication, Technology, Science, Banking, Law, Architecture, Hotel & Tourism, Forensic Science, Philosophy & Psychology, Advertising, E-Commerce, HRM, Marketing, and more. Additionally, we also offer thousands of electronic resources through a variety of databases to support students’ educational needs.


It is a place to learn and study

Our library spans across two floors. The first floor accommodates textbooks and magazines, while the second floor includes a quiet zone that is used as a study space and conference hall.

All of our first floor entrances have a secure gated entry system, which helps to control and regulate the access to library material. There is also security and surveillance cameras (CCTV).


Information on the research journals in the library

Amity University Dubai Library offers many ways to support research such as from consultations with professional librarians, course-related instruction and workshops, and citation management software and expertise to research journal articles, web-based information, and the vast collections & resources we provide for your use.

We use MACs in the library

Amity University Dubai Library has a total of 12 MAC Stations and 2 printers for students, faculty and staff to perform research related activities.


Students have everything at their fingertips