Summer Fun at Amity Dubai

Summer Fun at Amity Dubai

Amity Summer School

Experience life as a University student through the uniquely designed Amity Summer School in the stunning city of Dubai. Amity University Dubai’s personalized Summer Programmes are ideal for high school students looking to explore a range of subject areas, meet a diverse group of peers and build key life skills to make your University experience a success. 

The dynamic summer programme includes experiencing the city of Dubai, structured co-curricular activities, workshops and social events, all while staying at the University’s equipped and comfortable Student Residences, within the University campus. Balance responsibility with independence as you navigate through living solo in the safest city in the world. 

Our next Summer Camp will be from 6th to 15th July, 2023

Summer Camp at Amity costs 1,000USD + 5% VAT and includes the below:
    • All meals
    • Boarding & Lodging in a double occupancy room
    • Expert workshops
    • A Desert Safari experience
    • Horse-riding classes

    Email / or call/WhatsApp 800 AMITY – 97180026489 for more details.


    The Amity University Dubai campus is spread over a 700,000 sq foot area, consisting of the University buildings, on campus Residence, a functional fruit and vegetable farm and indoor and outdoor sports facilities that include tennis courts, swimming and aquatics, a basketball court, running track and a football field.

    Whether it’s through mock trials in a moot court, building a satellite ground station on campus or installing photovoltaic solar panels to become self-sustainable; new methods of learning, innovative programmes and stimulating projects are constantly introduced to ensure that students gain confidence and are ready to take on the corporate world and industry.
    Amity University Dubai

    An architectural marvel

    Ranging from the world's tallest building to the world's largest - fountain, flower garden and indoor theme park, the famous landmarks in Dubai are one of a kind. The country's capital Abu Dhabi is home to the world's largest mosque, largest indoor skydiving tunnel ...Read More , the world's fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World and the iconic Louvre Museum. Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    A blend of history, culture and modernity

    UAE's cultural diversity drives its economic, social and intellectual development, its rich heritage embodies traditions, architecture, food, sports and crafts. Deserts, souqs, museums and various archaeological sites - ...Read More the country is a perfect amalgamation of historic preservation and modernity. Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    Learn about various areas of study

    Through academic and non-academic classroom sessions and activities, students get to explore the different university programmes available to them. Our summer school focuses on 

    ...Read More helping students get a better understanding of what to expect at university.  Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    Connect with peers in a safe and friendly environment

    Our Student Residences are furnished and equipped with all the services and facilities you would need during your stay in Dubai. Ice-breaking sessions, movie screenings, group games and activities will help you discover  ...Read More yourself and make lifelong friends.  Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    Enjoy your stay with comfortable and safe accomodation

    With 24-hour security and surveillance cameras, students can expect a secure and safe atmosphere located not more than 10 minutes away from most of the city's tourist ...Read More attractions and shopping malls. The air-conditioned Amity Student Residences is home to an equipped gym, sports hall, football field and tennis and basketball courts.  Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    Facilities like no other

    Amity University Dubai's advanced labs give students a competitive edge as they provide students with great insight and first-hand experience into fields like Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, ...Read More Forensic Sciences, Fashion Design, Media Studies and more. Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    An active STEAM curriculum

    Steam education equips young adults with essential soft skills, and the ability to understand real-world problems. Our well-equipped labs give students the opportunity   ...Read More to immerse themselves in new age tools and techniques. Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    A deep dive into Media studies

    From film making, editing and photography to social media, podcasts, digital marketing and advertising, get an in-depth understanding of the regional and international media industry.  ...Read More These skills have become critical and crucial to a modern workplace. Read Less
    Amity University Dubai

    Stay active with sporting activities

    With an athletics track, tennis, padel tennis and basketball courts and a multi-purpose indoor sports stadium for badminton, volleyball, basket-ball and throwball,  ...Read More students can explore a range of sporting activities with the University campus.   Read Less
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