Blockchain Technology and Management

Blockchain Technology and Management


Programme Duration

1 year



2 Semesters



Post Graduate


Our blended learning experience is open to graduates, post graduates and working professionals.


Academic Year



Fees per year

AED 17,000

Why choose this field?

Blockchain technology is a growing field worldwide, with the demand for experienced blockchain professionals increasing. The world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is powered by blockchain technology. The technology makes businesses more resilient, to hacks and fraud, while speeding up transactions and bringing down costs.

This programme will help students understand how to transform business strategies within emerging competitive technological spaces. Students can expect a holistic and structural learning experience with in-depth coding knowledge, to build the confidence needed to successfully implement what has been learnt in an organisation. Blockchain has the potential to elevate efficiency in all sectors and industries like finance, judiciary and commerce. Students will gain insight about the field and learn programming skills that will help them become successful blockchain developers and architects.

Programme description

Over a 12-month period students will cover 10 courses with 52 credits, getting a complete understanding of the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology while implementing what they have learnt in different functional domains through projects. This blended learning experience will include contact hours and digital learning, helping students master skills and methodologies, and creating blockchain strategies and solutions with exposure to digital tools and platforms that are needed to foster innovation in an organisation.

The programme will include golang and solidity programming to understand blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda and Quorum. Students will get a deeper understanding of the theories, principles, practices and limitations of blockchain technology as per business requirements.

Career opportunities

This programme is suitable for students with and without technical/programming knowledge. With the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in today’s market, professionals with blockchain expertise are in high demand. Public and private sector companies in the UAE and abroad, will need more blockchain experts in the years to come. Blockchain’s potential to deliver transparency and rebuild trust has already been proven in several sectors, including finance, banking services insurance, real estate, supply chian, cloud storage, travel, transportation, e-commerce, energy, public sector and healthcare, with experts predicting an increase in demand for qualified blockchain professionals over the next few years. 


What will students learn?

Learning outcome

Students will learn how to use crucial digital tools and languages.

Learning outcome 2

Identify key features and the different platforms and languages of blockchain technology.

Learning outcome 3

Strategise business decisions and develop solutions to real-life case studies.

Learning outcome 4

Knowledge of how blockchain powers applications and token-based initiatives like bitcoin.

Learning outcome 5

Blockchain based strategies that will help a business grow.

What will students achieve?