Programme Duration

1 year



2 Semesters



Post Graduate


Our blended learning experience is open to graduates, post graduates and working professionals.


Academic Year



Fees per year

AED 17,000

Why choose this field?

Securing of data, personal informational, intellectual property, government systems and organisational assets are becoming increasingly important. Companies around the world are now investing in cybersecurity, and realising the value and need to protect an organisation against external cyber threats.

From monitoring data and safeguarding information to creating security plans, the functions and uses of cybersecurity have evolved over the years. Banking, finance, online retails, healthcare and education are just some of the many high risk sectors that require skilled professionals to manage their cybersecurity.

Programme description

This 1-year Post Graduate Diploma will give students a comprehensive understanding of how to secure IT infrastructure, building intelligence for threat detection, executing cyber security operations, understanding ICS security, designing cloud-based security and will also teach students how to achieve compliance.

Through the 13 course programme, students be will also build a strong conceptual understanding of the regional cybersecurity practices and systems through this blended learning programme that will include contact sessions and digital learning.

Career opportunities

The programme is specially crafted for professionals, entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals that want to expand their skills and become experts in the field of cybersecurity. A rise in cybersecurity threats and increased incidents of hacking have led to an increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals. Official estimates put job growth in the field at 37% per annum. As public and private organisations continue to take their businesses digital, the need for trained cybersecurity professionals continues to rapidly increase. 


What will students learn?

Learning outcome

The key terminologies, strategies and management of cybersecurity.

Learning outcome 2

Students will develop the skills needed to solve problems with innovate solutions.

Learning outcome 3

Students will learn to recognise common threats across enterprise networks and meet an organisation’s compliance policy requirements.

Learning outcome 4

Students will be able to conduct testing, develop reports, outline vulnerabilities and create risk mitigation strategies.

Learning outcome 5

Learn to develop enterprise level security strategies, governance structures with its associated technology components.

Learning outcome 6

Identify application hacks and implement systems to protect businesses.

What will students achieve?