Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies


Programme Duration

1 year



2 Semesters



Post Graduate


Our blended learning experience is open to graduates, post graduates and working professionals.


Academic Year



Fees per year

AED 17,000

Why choose this field?

Companies are always in search of new and innovative digital strategies to stay relevant and profitable in a dynamic and competitive market. Understanding a customer’s experience and the requirements of a business are key to developing ideas and creating successful marketing strategies.

From using social media tools (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) to market your business and connecting with an audience to discovering how to drive sales and increase customer engagement through search engine optimization, students will learn how to tackle the fast-paced profession, its strategies and related practices.

Programme description

Over a period of 12 months, this 14 course programme will cover the core concepts of digital marketing, strategic social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, display marketing, effective content marketing, remarketing, email marketing, mobile app marketing, digital analytics and digital strategy and planning.

The programme will bring to life marketing theories, techniques and principles that can be put into practice in a workplace. Students enrolled in the programme will learn how to create effective and impactful campaigns across a number of channels, and the basic principles of marketing and how it directly impacts several other areas of an organisation, like human resource management, business management and accounting.

Career opportunities

Students and working professionals in any field can benefit from learning more about digital marketing. Digital marketing manager, Social media specialist, Web developer, Google analyst and SEO executive are some of the popular roles held by students that graduate. As organisations around the world continue to focus on moving away from traditional marketing strategies and give importance to enhancing their online presence through new methodologies, the career opportunities for digital media graduates continue to rise.


What will students learn?

Learning outcome

A holistic understanding of marketing, communications and the tools needed to measure its impact on a business.

Learning outcome 2

Exposure to case studies highlighting successful concepts and strategies.

Learning outcome 3

Students will learn how to create digital strategies that are aligned to the goals of a business while also targeting the right audience.

Learning outcome 4

The opportunity to run and measure the success of a campaign from start to finish.

Learning outcome 5

Instructor-led sessions to master the use of marketing tools like Google analytics, Google ad words, Google tag manager, Hootsuite, Leadsquared and more.

What will students achieve?