Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Programme Duration

1 year



2 Semesters



Post Graduate


Our blended learning experience is open to graduates, post graduates and working professionals.


Academic Year



Fees per year

AED 17,000

Why choose this field?

The UAE, and particular Dubai, uses a large number of software applications focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence for daily activities and functions. Whether it is the first citizen robot, Sophia, or becoming the world’s first blockchain powered e-government, Dubai continues to play an active role in global technological initiatives.

In recent times, the need for job positions like intelligence designer, data curator, machine learning engineer, data scientist and robotics process analyst are frequently seen on job listings. Building smart apps, designing intelligent bots to solve real-world problems and giving machines the ability to be self-sufficient, are ranked among the top employability skills needed to drive a company’s growth.

Programme description

Machine learning is an emerging technology trend that is revolutionising the way we do business in all industries. The programme’s core curriculum will give students a deeper understanding of AI and essential machine learning concepts.

This 12 month programme is part of a blended learning methodology which includes industry-academia collaborations that will push students to achieve better results in their career. Students will get hands on experience in developing algorithms which will help them recommend informed options to decision makers in an organisation. The programme aims to train professionals for the digital jobs of the future.

Career opportunities

As businesses and social media continue to generate large amounts of data, experts with the knowledge to refine, interpret and process it have become increasingly important. Machine learning helps companies promote their products better and make accurate sales forecasts. Following the programme, students will be able to spearhead machine learning models and uncover hidden insights to problems that were once thought impossible.


What will students learn?

Learning outcome

Recognize and implement various ways of selecting suitable model parameters for different machine learning techniques. 

Learning outcome 2

Identify challenges and respond with suitable tools and techniques.

Learning outcome 3

Use programming and statistics to execute machine learning algorithms.

Learning outcome 4

Perform experiments and use machine learning techniques on actual data.

Learning outcome 5

Knowledge and application of Python programming, data visualization, data wrangling and analysis and core ML and AI techniques like supervised learning techniques, unsupervised learning techniques, reinforcement learning techniques and deep learning techniques. 

Learning outcome 6

The confidence to use a number of tools and software like Tableau, Python, TensorFlow, Keras and more.

What will students achieve?