Our alumni become top professionals


Success stories

Amity University offers world-class education, and it shows. Every year, we’re proud to see 100s of our graduates complete their tertiary education and become successful professionals. Our skilled lecturers, coupled with our well-equipped labs that provide first-hand experience, and the outstanding efforts of our Corporate Placement Services, combined with our students’ unwavering commitment to reach their goals, has led to many becoming successful working professionals who are thriving in their chosen fields. Take a look at the many success stories below and let their journey inspire you to reach your goals and become the outstanding professional you’ve always dreamed of being.


Abiola Olagbaju

B.Tech 2011-15 in Civil Engineering Project Coordinator, Structural, United Arab Emirates


Stacey Pinto

MBA 2011-13 Senior Account Executive at République, United Arab Emirates


Danish Siddiqui

MBA 2013-15 Marketing Assistant at Interplast, Harwal Group, United Arab Emirates


Neeraj Maxwell

MBA 2012-14 BD Medical, United Arab Emirates


Ashwathi Mohan

MBA 2012-14 Training Sales Officer DNV GL, United Arab Emirates


Karthik Ramakrishnan

MBA 2011-13 Credit Support Analyst at Citi Bank, United Arab Emirates


Kapish Bhardwaj

MBA 2012-14 Strategic Buyer, Supply Chain Department, Siemens, United Arab Emirates


Pratik Rathod

MBA 2013-15 Supply Chain Assistant for Pfizer, Middle East


Rahul Nanda

MBA 2013-15 Logistics Coordinator, Danzas AEI