Media plays a major role in our daily lives, spanning from television to cinema, radio to podcasts, and social media to blogs and vlogs. 

Are you interested in reporting breaking news, presenting a radio show, editing films using cutting-edge technology, or studying the impact of advertising and social media? If so, explore the wide range of media degrees offered by Amity University Dubai. 

Our media degrees focus on cultural and societal aspects of media, as well as practical training in scriptwriting, TV, film, radio production, and journalism.  Graduates typically pursue careers in the media, cultural, and creative industries. 

Choose from Animation, Journalism and Mass Communication, and Film and Television Production and become the next Graphic Designer, Movie Director, or Journalist.

Choose your degree below.

Bachelor of Arts (Film and Television Production)
Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation)

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