Research Projects

There are multiple research projects being conducted by our three schools at Amity University Dubai. These projects include case studies and cover multiple industry verticals.

School of Engineering, Architecture and Design Projects

Development of Nano filter using Moringa Oliefera Nanoparticles for enhancing the efficacy of water filtration. 

Project grant:  50,000AED from Expo 2020 Dubai.

Hydrobeats focuses on enhancing the region’s water quality through the purification of contaminated water.  As part of the project, they developed a prototype for nano-filtration to filter heavy metal ions (chromium, lead, arsenic and copper) along with several salts from water; therefore decreasing the toxicity in the water. 

The product, when ready, will be an alternate sustainable and biodegradable approach to the traditional method used for water filtration. The prototype that was built focuses on filtering the available industrial water and enhancing the quality by increasing the accessibility through the purification of contaminated water. 

Developed the prototype for nano-filtration to filter heavy metal ions (chromium, lead, arsenic and copper) along with several salts from water; therefore, decreasing the toxicity, total dissolved solids and salinity of the water. 

The product is an alternative to traditional methods based on eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable approach.  The novel idea gives insight to a new way of filtration which combines a vegetable seed and 21st century technology-Nanotechnology.

Furthermore, the research work has been continued by planting 200 sapling of Moringa in Amity University Dubai hostel premises. 

Students of BTech Nanotechnology are involved in the research initiative of utilizing various parts of Moringa Oliefera plant like seed, leaves, and stem for the development of nanoparticles. 

The formed nanoparticles are characterized with the aid of highly equipped lab facilities at Amity University Dubai to obtain the size analysis using DLS, UV absorption using UV Spectrophotometer, functional group analysis using FTIR, 3D analysis using AFM.

Project Team

  • Ms. Reshmi S Nair:  Faculty- Amity University Dubai : Academic Mentor
  • Ms. Tajunisa Munasuddin : B.Tech Nanotechnology -Batch 2021 
  • Ms. Athira Jayaprakash : B.Tech Nanotechnology - Batch 2021
  • Mr. Joshua Nigel : B.Tech Nanotechnology -Batch 2021
  • Ms. Shriya Iyer : B.Tech Nanotechnology- Batch 2021
  • Ms. Amna Kashif : B.Tech Nanotechnology- Batch 2021


BAITYKOOL Living Lab – “BaityKool- living: species live in harmony” 

‘BaityKool’ is a research platform dedicated to ecological sustainable housing in arid climates.  Powered by a solar photovoltaic system integrated into the façade and on a mobile pergola, the 90 m2 prototype was designed and built by a joint team of architecture and engineering students from the University of Bordeaux, Amity University Dubai and Al Najah University. 

This project was the winner for several awards at the 1st Solar-Decathlon Middle-East competition (Dubai-2018) and demonstrated the excellence of French design and technology for sustainable housing in the UAE context. 

In 2021, BaityKool was transferred and reassembled inside the Sustainable City in Dubai.  The Baitykool prototype is functioning as living lab at Sustainable City Dubai till-date. 

Experimentation work is in progress in collaboration with researchers and Ph.D. scholars from the University of Bordeaux and the research team from the SEE Institute TSC. Since September 2021, this research prototype is managed as a living lab to test various technologies which are new to UAE such as aquaponics to produce food, radiative sky cooling as-well-as other systems.  

With the help of BaityKool lab, sustainable living is being integrated within the students’ living communities as participants in this workshop to gain knowledge on innovative solutions for sustainable, healthy urban living that includes food-to-energy and zero-energy housing.

LESOLARIUM – Purification, Innovation and Conservation.       

Project Grant: AED 164,000 by EXPO LIVE UIP Grantees, UAE

LESOLARIUM has been developed as a sustainable solution of recycling mosque ablution water at the point of generation, as wastewater and generating value from this recycled water. 

On an average, a Muslim person uses approximately 1.2 liters of water for ablution per prayer, which is six litres of water, per person, per day. 

The project’s research goal was to devise a mechanism to segregate low contaminated ablution water at the mosque and treat the wastewater at the point of generation. This system helped in saving energy by reducing the water treatment load at the treatment plant and recycling the water, giving additional utility for primary purposes in the urban context of UAE. 

The objectives included reduction in the quantity of grey water entering the sewage treatment plant and creating localized water filtration systems to reuse this water for activities resulting in cost-savings of water.  The project envisaged the development of cost effective water filtration units in achieving results of portable water and creating a self-sustaining filtration system that could be solar-powered. 

The project was proposed to generate awareness of water saving measures as the way forward amongst the communities in Dubai, UAE and achieving energy saving as-well-as financial benefits with the reuse of filtered water.

The innovation built into LESOLARIUM was generating value out of wasted ablution water at the point of generation, with reuse of this recycled water at the same location by generating cost-saving measures in the purchase of fresh water for varied activities including flushing, hydroponics, aquaponics chilled water cooling and other areas. 

Project benefits included saving of water, energy and money for the purchase of fresh potable water for certain human use and giving a second life to grey water with treatment unit that recycles water to potable quality as accepted by Dubai Municipality standards; thus creating a sustainable solution with use of renewable energy and low waste generation. 

Project Team

  • Ms. Amal Mohammed Afzal Patel (B. Arch. 2nd year)
  • Mr. Sheikh Rishan Nazeer Ahamed (B. Arch. 2nd year)
  • Ms. Trishala Vinod (B. Arch. 2nd year)  
  • Mr. Sai Vamsi Krishna (B. Tech Civil.3rd  year)
  • Dr. Niva Rana Mahanta- Academic Mentor 
  • Mr. Abraham K. Samuel - Academic Mentor 

Research Project: Prediction of Internal Erosion Rate Index Based on the Initial Physical Properties of Soils

Sponsored by the American University of Sharjah, this project studied the internal erosion of any hydraulic structure, especially in earth fill dams to be considered as one of the most severe phenomena of failure. 

It includes different processes that result in a complete distress within the body of structure as in-case of earth fill dam, dikes and levees or affect the foundation that results in complete failure of the structure. It is generally initiated when seepage forces are greater than internal frictional resistance forces of soils. 

At this stage, seepage forces of water generated in the upstream of hydraulic earth structures erodes soil particles within the structure and transports towards downstream. The main objective of this study was to investigate and evaluate the soil physical properties that affect the internal erosion of soil. 

This investigation collected data to understand the mechanism of soil internal erosion failure and the factors influencing the distress in hydraulic structures. The collected data was be used to develop a correlation between soil internal erosion and initial physical properties of the soil that helps the geotechnical engineer to select the best type soils for any hydraulic structure such as earth fill dam and embankment. 

In addition, these correlations will predict the behavior of the soil and soil stability against internal erosion phenomena without conducting time-consuming standard erosion test. The outcomes of this research has a direct application especially in the local region since UAE has experienced heavy rain fall in the last decades and new earth fill dams have been constructed in many areas of the country.   

Project Team

  • Dr. Mousa F. Attom, American University of Sharjah & Co-Investigator: Dr. Ramesh Vandanapu, Associate Professor, EAID - Amity University, Dubai

Amity Business School through the Middle East Case Study Centre, has published 200 case units representing a broad range of management subjects such as business strategy, marketing, finance, corporate governance, economics, innovation and human resource management, to complement the learning outcomes for courses in Management and Commerce.

The Middle East Case Study Centre at Amity University Dubai operates as the single largest repository of Middle East-centric cases in the United Arab Emirates.

Cases developed by the Amity Research Centers are used by well-known business schools, consulting firms and publishing houses. Some have won awards in the International Case Writing Competitions. Amity cases regularly feature in The Case Centre‘s Annual bestsellers list and are included in books authored by management gurus. Till date, case studies have been bought across 40 countries including, but not limited to Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. 

Following is the list of case studies published by Amity University Dubai Case Writers: 

Sl. No Case No. Case title Domain Research Faculty
1 EXW/2012/08 iCare Clinics: Landmark’s Leap into Healthcare Strategy & general management Priyanka Chandanani & Dr. Swati Rathore
2 EXW/2012/09 Bank of Baroda: Expanding Wings in UAE and Beyond Strategy & General Management Dr. Swati Rathor and Priyanka Chandanani
3 EXW/2012/10 Nokia: Repositioning Brand in the Smartphone Segment Marketing Ms.Muneeza Shoaib and Dr.Anita Mirchandani
4 EXW/2012/13 Emaar Properties: Changing Lifestyles with ‘Center of Now’ and Beyond Strategy & General Management Priyanka Chandanani & Muneeza Shoaib
5 EXW/2013/03 Aramex – Expanding its Global Footprint Strategy & general management Priyanka Chandanani
6 DUB/2013/04 Saudi Arabia’s ‘Nitaqat’ Policy: Cause of Concern for Indian Expatriates Economics, politics and business environment Deepti Piplani & Sudha Bhatia
7 DUB/2013/05 UAE Free Zones: A Thrust to Economic Growth Economics, politics and business environment Dr. Anita Mirchandani, Dr. Geetanjali Chandra
8 DUB/2013/06 Yum! Expands into the Middle East: Serving the Arab Market Strategy and General Management Kavita Shukla & Sudha Bhatia
9 DUB/2013/07 Halal Cosmetics: A New Approach to Eco-Ethical Lifestyle Ethics and socila responsibility Dr. Geetanjali Chandra & Dr. Anita Mirchandani
10 DUB/2013/08 Luxury Retail in UAE Market: Delivering Value to the Consumers Marketing Dr. Mohammed Rizwan Alam
11 DUB/2013/10 The Dubal-Emal Merger: Building Synergies Strategy & general management Priyanka Chandanani
12 DUB/2013/11 GCC Currency – Mission and Challenges Economics, politics and business environment C.T. Sunil Kumar & Dr. Swati Rathor
13 DUB/2013/12 Dubai: Expanding Wings in Medical Tourism Strategy & general management Ms. Kauser Huq and Ms. Neha Singh Yadav
14 DUB/2013/13 Max Burger – Expanding Wings in the Middle East Strategy & general management Sudha Bhatia & Deepti Piplani
15 DUB/2013/16 Gulf Construction Giant Arabtec: Eyeing Growth Opportunities Strategy & general management Deepti Piplani
16 DUB/2013/17 Online Retail in UAE: Driven to Grow Marketing Dr. Mohammed Rizwan Alam and Mr. Vinod Shukla
17 DUB/2013/18 Takamul - Driving Knowledge and Innovation in UAE Economics, politics and business environment Priyanka Chandanani
18 DUB/2013/19 Raja Easa Al Gurg – Creating Dynamic Forces of Change HRM/OB Priyanka Chandanani
19 DUB/2014/02 Dubai World Expo 2020 – Exploring New Growth Trajectories Economics, politics and business environment Priyanka Chandanani & Deepti Piplani
20 DUB/2014/04 ADIB – Can it Leverage the Barclays Customer for Growth? (EFMD Competition Entry) Strategy and General Management Priyanka Chandanani
21 DUB/2014/09 Absher Initiative: UAE’s Emiratisation Drive Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Geetanjali Chandra & Dr. Bhawna Gaur
22 DUB/2015/01 Corporate Governance in MENA Region: A Clarion Call for Banking Sector Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Anita Mirchandani
23 DUB/2015/02 Danube’s Foray into Real Estate: Leveraging Expo 2020 Opportunities for Growth? Strategy and General Management Priyanka Chandanani
24 DUB/2015/03 Family Business in U.A.E: Hurdles of Succession Planning HRM/OB Dr. Bhawna Gaur
25 DUB/2015/06 Expo 2020 – A New Dawn for the UAE Banking Sector? Economics, Politics & Business Environment Dr. Anita Mirchandani
26 DUB/2015/07 Expo 2020: A Catalyst for Dubai’s Tourism Sector? Strategy and General Management Sudha Bhatia & Syed Munawwar Ahmed
27 DUB/2015/08 Expo 2020 – Will It Reshape UAE’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem? Entrepreneurship Syed Munawwar Ahmed
28 DUB/2015/10 Modi’s Visit to UAE – Uncovering New Areas of Cooperation Economics, Politics & Business Environment Ms. Priyanka Chandanani & Dr. Vinod Kumar Shukla
29 DUB/2016/01 Expo 2020: Will the Looming Global Recession Cast A Shadow on the Event? Strategy and General Management Syed Munawwar Ahmed
30 DUB/2016/02 Expo 2020: Will Dubai’s Real Estate Market Break the Bearish Cycle? Economics, Politics & Business Environment Priyanka Chandanani and Syed Munawwar Ahmed
31 DUB/2016/03 Expo 2020: Can JAFZA Capitalise on the Mega Event? Strategy and General Management Syed Munawwar Ahmed
32 DUB/2016/06 The Single, The Better: A Corporate Bias for Productivity? HRM/OB Sonakshi Ruhela
33 DUB/2016/08 Mega Mergers in Telecom Sector: Dwindling Fortunes? Economics, Politics and Business Environment. Dr. Anita Mirchandani & Ms. Sudha Bhatia
34 DUB/2017/01 Entrepreneurship in Bahrain: Can the Little Kingdom Compete with the Big Boys? Entrepreneurship Syed Munawwar Ahmed
35 DUB/2017/02 Dubai Future Accelerators – Will the Entrepôt City Race Ahead of the Competition? Economics, Politics and Business Environment. Syed Munawwar Ahmed
36 DUB/2017/03 Cashless Economy: Is UAE Ready to Accept the Challenge? Economics, Politics and Business Environment. Dr. Bhawna Gaur and C.A. Mukund Jakhiya
37 DUB/2017/04 Women Empowerment Takes Wings in UAE Aviation Economics, Politics and Business Environment. Ms. Sudha Bhatia
38 DUB/2017/05 Burj Khalifa: Can the Emirati Pride Outlive Competition? Economics, Politics and Business Environment. Ms. Deval Kartik and Mr. Syed Munawwar Ahmed
39 DUB/2017/06 Public Private Partnership in MENA Region: What Lies Ahead? Economics, Politics and Business Environment. Dr. Anita Mirchandani and Dr. Rajneesh Mishra
40 DUB/2017/09 Can Dubai be the Epitome of World Happiness? Ethics & Social Responsibility Dr Aradhana Balodi Bhardwaj and Syed Munawwar Ahmed
41 DUB/2017/10 Radio Mirchi Tunes into the UAE: Are You Listening? Marketing Deval Kartik and Syed Munawwar Ahmed
42 DUB/2017/11 Modest Fashion: Will it Divide What Was United by Faith?(2017 EFMD Case Writing Competition) Marketing Deval Kartik and Syed Munawwar Ahmed
43 DUB/2017/12 STEM Education: Is Dubai Ready to Take On the Challenge? Knowledge, Information and Communication Princy Agarwal and Syed Munawwar Ahmed
44 DUB/2017/13 Al Ustad Special Kabab: Rise of an Iconic Brand Marketing Deval Kartik
45 DUB/2017/14 Dubai Fitness Challenge - In the Quest for a Healthier Lifestyle Ethics and Social Responsibility Syed Munawwar Ahmed
46 DUB/2017/15 Dubai International Airport: Flying High with Higher Footfalls Economics, Politics and Business Environment Sudha Bhatia
47 DUB/2017/16 The Arab ‘Black Friday’: Will Dubai’s Malls Survive Souq’s ‘White Friday’? Marketing Deval Kartik
48 DUB/2018/02 Dubai's Rising Inflation: What the Index Portends? Economics, Politics and Business Environment Syed Munawwar Ahmed
49 DUB/2018/03 NMC Healthcare’s Acquisition of Al Zahra Hospital: A Trendsetter in GCC Healthcare? Strategy and General Management Dr. Arindam Banerjee
50 DUB/2018/05 Louvre Abu Dhabi: Taking Museum to the Masses (2018 EFMD Competition) Marketing Deval Kartik
51 DUB/2018/04 Will Fintech Disrupt Banking in UAE? Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Anita Mirchandani
52 DUB/2018/06 Increasing Workplace Stress: A Clarion Call for UAE Employers HRM/OB Dr. Bhawna Gaur
53 DUB/2018/07 Activity-Based Costing: Is the GCC Ready for the Transition? Finance, Accounting and Control Nisha Bhandari
54 DUB/2018/11 Online Buying in UAE: Going Beyond Borders Marketing Deval Kartik
55 DUB/2018/14 Etisalat and Du: Can the UAE Telecom Giants Augment Value Creation? Finance, Accounting and Control Dr. Arindam Banerjee
56 DUB/2018/15 Smart City Initiatives: Can Dubai Lead the Way? Strategy and General Management Mehrdad Mohasses
57 DUB/2019/08 UAE’s Water Woes: Time for a Process Overhaul? Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Geetanjali Ramesh Chandra & Dr. Bhawna Gaur
58 DUB/2019/11 Can US-China Trade War Impact the Middle East Economies? Economics, politics and Business Environment Dr. Bhawna Gaur and Ms. Anu Singhal
59 DUB/2019/04 Ripe Fresh LLC Nurtures Organic Food: Is Dubai Ready for a Lifestyle Change? Marketing Princy Agarwal
60 DUB/2019/13 Experiential Consumption: An Evolving Marketing Challenge? Marketing Dr Shahzia Khan and Dr Bhawna Gaur
61 DUB/2018/16 Can RBI Stem the Rupee Plunge Vis-à-Vis the US Dollar? Finance, Accounting and Control Anupam Mehrotra
62 DUB/2019/22 Aviation Industry in the UAE: Can it Sustain the Current Vibrancy? Strategy and General Management Dr. Susan Zeidan
63 DUB/2019/10 Hydroponics: A Sustainable solution for UAE’s Food Crises? Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Bhawna Gaur and Mr. Diogo Davidson Albuquerque
64 DUB/2019/05 Emirates SkyCargo: Taking Success to Greater Heights Strategy and General Management Mehrdad Mohasses
65 DUB/2019/14 Radical Transparency: Consumers Changing the ‘Game of Fashion’ Ethics and Social responsibility Ms. Richa Gupta and Dr. Bhawna Gaur
66 DUB/2019/28 Employee Engagement in the UAE: A Clarion Call? HRM/OB Dr. Susan Zeidan
67 DUB/2018/01 UAE Film Industry: Raising its Curtain to New Beginnings Knowledge, Information and Communication Ms.Sudha Bhatia
68 DUB/2019/17 Can Fintech Improve Financial Inclusion for SMEs in UAE? Finance, Accounting and Control Nisha Bhandari
69 DUB/2020/02 Cargotecture: A Sustainability Initiative in the UAE Ethics and Social Responsibility Dr. Geetanjali Ramesh Chandra & Ms. Leena Wanganoo
70 DUB/2019/28 Organisational Downsizing in the UAE: An Analysis of the Survivor Syndrome HRM/OB Susan Zeidan
71 DUB/2019/03 Dubai: In Quest of Destination Branding Marketing Ms. Princy Agarwal
72 DUB/2019/16 Madagascar's Vanilla Wars: A Big Blow to Stakeholders Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Bhawna Gaur and Ms. Anu Singhal
73 DUB/2019/21 Landmark Group: Using Blockchain to Unlock Value in Logistics Production and Operations Management Leena Wanganoo and Dr.Bhawna Gaur
74 DUB/2019/27 Artificial Intelligence and the Replicability of Instinctual Human Emotions Knowledge, Information and Communication Dr. Malini Bishnoi
75 DUB/2019/24 ‘Think AI’: The UAE Initiative to Promote Artificial Intelligence Strategy and General Management Dr. Anas Najdawi and Dr. Bhawna Gau
76 DUB/2018/08 Can UAE Address the Issues Related to Genetic Disorders? Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Aradhana Balodi Bhardwaj
77 DUB/2019/25 UAE’s Digital Economy: A Trendsetter for Growth? Marketing Dr. Kamaladevi Baskaran
78 DUB/2019/26 Banking Sector Consolidation in the GCC: Ambition or Caution? Finance, Accounting and Control Anupam Mehrotra
79 DUB/2020/01 UAE’s Proliferating Mall Culture: Will it Survive Retail Apocalypse? ( 2021 EFMD Competition Entry) Marketing Dr.Shahzia Khan
80 DUB/2020/06 COVID-19: UAE’S response to Education disruption Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Bhawna & Mr. Anupam Mehrotra
81 DUB/2020/07 Performance Appraisals in the UAE: How to Make them Count? HRM/OB Susan Zeidan
82 DUB/2019/30 Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority: The Transformational Green Journey Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Bhawna
83 DUB/2019/23 Data Breach: Challenging Business Security in the Middle East Economics, Politics and Business Environment Lipsa Sadath and Dr. Bhawna Gaur
84 DUB/2020/08 H&M’s Hoodie Controversy: Lessons Learnt on Diversity Marketing Dr Bhawna Gaur and Ms Rashi Gupta
85 DUB/2018/19 Higher Education in UAE: Revving the Economic Engine Marketing Venkatanarayanan Sankaran & Dr Bhawna Gaur
86 DUB/2019/15 Electric Food: The Next Wave of Food Revolution Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr. Bhawna Gaur and Robert Studholme
87 DUB/2020/09 ‘IMG Worlds of Adventure’: Survival Challenges in the UAE Strategy & general management Dr Ganga Bhavani & Dr Shazia Khan
88 DUB/2020/10 Freedom Pizza: Can UAE’s Home Grown Brand Go Global? Marketing Dr Shazia
89 DUB/2019/19 Are Mobile Wallets Trashing Plastic Cards in UAE? Finance, Accounting and Control Nisha Bhandari
90 DUB/2020/15 Leadership Change at Wipro: Reviving Hopes HRM/OB Dr Swapna Nair and Dr. Bhawna Gaur
91 DUB/ 2020/16 Consolidation of Banks in India – Is Bigger the Better? Strategy and General Management Anupam Mehrotra
92 DUB/2020/12 British Home Stores Collapse: What Went Wrong? Marketing Dr. Ibrahim Alotaib and Dr Bhawna Gaur
93 DUB/2021/07 Can digitalization pave the way for SME’s to survive post pandemic? Strategy and General Management CA Nisha Bhandari
94 DUB/2020/14 Wildlife Trafficking and Zoonotic Diseases: The Nexus Ethics and Social Responsibility Mr Aby Thomas and Dr Bhawna Gaur
95 DUB/2021/04 Excellency Awards: Are they driving the economic growth of UAE? Strategy and General Management Eman Zabalawi
96 DUB/2021/01 TikTok Teacher Videos: The Right Way of Student Engagement? Knowledge, Information and Communication Ms. Cleofi-Krista Capili and Dr. Bhawna Gaur
97 DUB/2021/03 Emaar Properties: Can it Survive the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic? Finance, Accounting and Control Dr. Ankita Rajdev & Dr Bhawna Gaur
98 DUB/2020/11 ‘Saudi Vision 2030’: Saudi Arabia’s Grand Rebranding Strategy Economics, Politics and Business Environment Mr Diogo Davidson Albuquerque and Dr Bhawna Gaur
99 DUB/2021/05 UAE's New Citizenship Policy: Impact on the Emirates' Economy Economics, Politics and Business Environment Dr Malini Bishnoi & Dr Bhawna Gaur
100 DUB/2019/12 Gig Economy: Disrupting traditional Business Models? HRM/OB Mr Satish R. Menon and Dr Bhawna Gaur
101 DUB/ 2021/09 Pegging of UAE Dirham to US Dollar – Prudence at a Cost? Finance, Accounting and Control Anupam Mehrotra, Dr A.K. Pandey, Dr Ashok Chopra
102 DUB/2021/08 Random Pay cuts and Layoffs: A Clarion Call for UAE Employers HRM/OB Dr. Alaa Abdalla & Dr.Bhawna Gaur
103 DUB/2021/10 Coverage of COVID-19 Pandemic: Is Ethical Journalism at Stake? Ethics and Social Responsibility Ms. Seema Sangra
104 DUB/2021/06 UAE’s Move to Empower the Disabled to Become ‘People of Determination’. (2022, EFMD Competition Entry) HRM/OB Dr. Bhawna Gaur and Mark Eugine Z. Francisco
105 DUB/2021/13 JSPL’s Turnaround Strategy: The Rise of a Phoenix Strategy and General Management Dr. Shaista Alvi and Dr. Bhawna Gaur
106 DUB/2022/01 Danube Group: Redefining the language of Business in GCC region Entrepreneurship Dr. Bhawna Gaur, Dr Fazal Malik and Dr Ankita Rajdev

With organizational growth stories analysed, theoretical concepts of corporate governance discussed, and the technicalities of a business model applied to an evolving situation, the classroom reinforcement of academic learning continues to garner global attention. 

Adra S., Menassa E. The Fed's dual shocks and the housing market ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
Adra S., Menassa E. Central Bank Information Shocks, Value Gains, and Value Crashes ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
Adra S., Menassa E. Monetary policy and information production in the secondary market ACCOUNTING & FINANCE
Bhadra S., Chopra A. Study of Impact of Dematerialization of Shares on the Indian Stock Market FINANCE
Nagarajan R., Chopra A. Performance Analysis of Indian Mutual Funds During Covid-2019 FINANCE
Nuzhat Zaidi S.F., Shukla V.K., Chopra A., Singh A. Applications and Implementation of Contactless Hand Sanitizer Using Proximity Sensor TECHNOLOGY
Kumar R., Chopra A. How Execution of Strategy Prevented Indian Bank in DIFC to Fight Effects of COVID 2019 STRATEGY
Dano D.R., Chopra A. Impact of Delivery Apps Commission Rates on U.A.E Restaurants TECHNOLOGY
Mansour D., Bhardwaj A.B., Chopra A. Relating OCEAN (Big Five) to Job Satisfaction in Aviation STRATEGY
Chopra A. Is AI and digitization new avatar for air freighters and forwarders TECHNOLOGY
Chopra A., Menon S. Is Job Shadowing a Panacea for Educational Drop Outs? GENERAL MANAGEMENT
Sankaran V., Chopra A. Creating Global Sustainable Smart Cities (A Case Study of Masdar City) PSYCHOLOGY
Chopra A. Conceptual framework of IoT for transport logistics an approach to connecting material flow and IT in self-directing collaborating logistics progressions TECHNOLOGY
Chopra A. Blockchain technology in food industry ecosystem SUPPLY CHAIN
Chopra A. Paradigm Shift of Social Enterprise in India HUMAN RESOURCES
Chopra A. AI in Supply Procurement TECHNOLOGY
Baskaran K. E-consumer behavioral analytics: Paradigm shift in online purchase decision making DIGITAL MARKETING
Choudhary P., Baskaran K. The impact of Social Networking Sites among Modern Youth SOCIAL MEDIA
Ashok S., Baskaran K. The Prominence of Corporate Governance in Banking Sector with Reference to UAE STRATEGY
Mohan M., Baskaran K. Financial analytics: Investment behavior of middle income group in South India FINTECH
Cyriac N.T., Baskaran K Predictive Analytics in a Post Covid-19 World: India's Travel and Tourism Industry BUSINESS ANALYTICS
Majji K.C., Baskaran K. Artificial Intelligence Analytics—Virtual Assistant in UAE Automotive Industry TECHNOLOGY
Moncey A.A., Baskaran K. Digital Marketing Analytics: Building Brand Awareness and Loyalty in UAE DIGITAL MARKETING
Baskaran K., Rajavelu S. Digital Innovation in Industry 4.0 Era - Rebooting UAE's Retail DIGITAL MARKETING
Cyriac N.T., Baskaran K. A Study on the Effectiveness of Non-Monetary Retention Strategies in UAE STRATEGY
Ahmed A., Moncey A., Mohan M., Cyriac N.T., Ali S.A., Mariam S., Lyu M., Baskaran K. Journey of education technology towards innovation STRATEGY
Ahmed S.H., Baskaran K. Blue-collar workers behind the success story of uae GENERAL MANAGEMENT
Baskaran K. The impact of digital transformation in Singapore e-tail market DIGITAL MARKETING
Baskaran K. The impact of digital transformation in Singapore e-tail market DIGITAL MARKETING
Anifa M., Ramakrishnan S., Joghee S., Kabiraj S., Bishnoi M.M. Fintech Innovations in the Financial Service Industry FINTECH
Hashni T., Amudha T., Ramakrishnan S. IoT & AI in Smart Farming: Implications and Challenges TECHNOLOGY
Mansurali A., Mary Jayanthi P., Swamynathan R., Choudhury T. Social Listening on Budget—A Study of Sentimental Analysis and Prediction of Sentiments Using Text Analytics & Predictive Algorithms BIGDATA
Ramakrishnan S., Sampath S., Srikanth P., Mansurali A. To Invest or Not to Invest? A Case Study with Decision Analytics on Japanese Yen STRATEGY
Thilagavathi N., Ramakrishnan S., Amudha T. A Novel Bio-inspired Optimization Framework for Effective Crop Land Allocation and Utilization OPERATIONS
Anifa M., Ramakrishnan S., Jeyanthi P.M. Consumer Buying Behaviour During COVID-19 MARKETING
Albuquerque D.D., Bhavani G., Gaur B., Kuttipravan S. A Smart Mobile Application to Boost Grocery Shoppers Experiential Marketing TECHNOLOGY
Ahmad S.F., Hermayen A., Bhavani G. Knowledge Discovery in Surveys using Machine Learning: A Case Study of Women in Entrepreneurship in UAE TECHNOLOGY
Bhavani G., Nair S., Dubey S., Chiwundra D. Accounting disclosure: Impact on equity share investment - An evidence based analysis ACCOUNTING
Malagila J.K., Bhavani G., Amponsah C.T. The perceived association between audit rotation and audit quality: evidence from the UAE ACCOUNTING & AUDITING
Bhavani G. Artificial Intelligence: Simulations in Audit Education AUDITING


Innovative pedagogy forms the premise of teaching and learning in the media program. A number innovative practices have been used for course delivery. 

Mental Health campaign: –“Finding Hope At Home,” A Multimedia Campaign

During the pandemic, youngsters were overwhelmed by the lockdown and sudden shift from on-campus to online learning. The classes had primarily become one-way learning, students lost interest in theory-based lectures, and active interaction between faculty and students started declining. On the other end, it was equally challenging for the faculty to deliver lectures on creative subjects, which otherwise involved students’ participation. 

For the same reasons and to add value to their overall learning experience during such hard times, the Media department executed a multimedia campaign under the mentorship and guidance of the advertising faculty, Ms. Seema Sangra. 

The entire campaign was based on primary research. About 600 people in the students’ age group were contacted via email and survey monkey to identify the most pressing concern during the lockdown. Based on the feedback of 500+ respondents from 21 UAE-based universities, a multimedia campaign on mental health was conceptualized and executed (online) whereby each student contributed towards the project. The campaign was launched on 24th June 2020.

Research-based documentaries:

Film and Television students created 10 research-based documentaries on single-use plastic based on the Non-Teaching course term papers’ output, under the mentorship of Ms. Seema Sangra.  Different aspects of single-use plastic were highlighted in these documentaries.


Multimedia Campaign on Digital media literacy

The Media Studies department initiated a multimedia advertising campaign under the advertising course. The campaign idea to initiate a behavioral change campaign on Digital Media Literacy was finalised based on internal discussions on the need of the hour and the most pertinent concerns of youth. 

The campaign was formally launched on 7th June 2022, where sixteen journalists attended the event along with the house full auditorium.  The campaign got media coverage in Khaleej Times, Oman Observer, and multiple other news publications


Final year students created a multimedia campaign after conducting a survey whereby 300 youngsters and their parents were interviewed regarding the internet’s impact on their lives. Based on the research findings, the following media products were created.


Forensics, as an applied science, is embedded in experiments with the use of appropriate equipment to determine inter-disciplinary subjects of enquiry including but not limited to the use of Nano- carbon for visual enhancement of latent fingerprints or investigating dust deposition on solar panels. 

The intervention of Artificial Intelligence in the future of firearm examination, Forensic Block Chain and it's linkage with Artificial Intelligence, and the Implementation of Blockchain Technology in Forensic Evidence Management.  A very key area of Forensic investigation is investigating interventions in Wildlife Mediated Zoonotic Outbreaks.

The above and ongoing work in Forensic sciences is prompted by the need to respond to emerging questions in Forensic science teaching and fueling research. This scholarly work has been undertaken in liaison with faculty from other schools (particularly Engineering) in order to be able to tap on knowledge, skills and competencies of different disciplines in developing a holistic argument.


The faculty of forensics are continuously engaged in core applied research and inter-disciplinary research by undertaking applied projects and publishing in leading journals and other related research activities. Apart from academic research publications, research with government departments in UAE is affianced with. 

The above is exemplified in the research collaboration with the Dubai Police. 

Nrashant Singh has mentored 10 undergraduate students of Forensic Sciences to work on building a first of its kind   Forensic entomology database in the middle –east, in a Dubai Police initiated project.  Students have identified 10 locations in the UAE to keep the “cadaver” and observe the different types of local insects preying on it. These insects will be collected from these identified locations and their characteristics will be analysed under scientific mandate and supervision.


Aby Joseph, (Assistant Professor, AMUD) has collaborated with the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates  for a simulation study, aimed to extract concealed memories of crimes from the brain for use in criminal investigations.  

Mr. Aby Joseph,  along with Mr. Saif Al Mazrouei, Ministry of Interior, United Arab Emirates, and Dr. Swapna Nair, Assistant Professor and expert in analytics tested the results of the simulation hardware and software developed by iCognative® brainwave science technology system.  

The overall results proved that the iCognative® brainwave science technology system mapped the brain consistently for missing or present information with good consistency.  This experiment supported the Ministry of Interior, United Arab Emirates for their feasibility report submission.

Aby Joseph, Forensic Evidence Department, AMUD along with Mr. Osamah Al Hmoudi and Dr Maryam Ahmed Forensic Evidence Department, Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, UAE have collaboratively conducted research on the project titled ‘Internal Validation and Optimization of the Applied Biosystems® GlobalFiler™-IQC Amplification Kit for DNA Caseworks Analysis in Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department’. 
This research this report showed that the internal validation of Applied Biosystems GlobalFiler™- IQC PCR Amplification is reliability kit for the implementation of evidence-based practice and also as an effective utilization routine DNA cases analysis workflow in the future at  Abu Dhabi Police Forensic DNA Laboratory (FED).


This research is currently in the pipeline for publication in an international journal on forensics sciences. 

Aby Joseph’s research work titled ‘Towards a unified GCC forensic DNA quality management system: Lessons learned from wrongful convictions’, has been selected by the Forensic Science Conference, World Police Summit-2023.  This prestigious event is scheduled on 7-9 March 2023 and Prof. Aby Joseph would be presenting by invitation on the conference to the global audience from various countries’ police departments. 


Aby Joseph along with Ajman Police department is conducting a product research on ‘Evaluation and validation of Crime-lite®AUTO (Foster+Freeman) forensic body fluid screening’.  The research is aimed at assessing the performance of the new technological tool Foster + Freeman Crime-Lite®AUTO equipment for its specificity, sensitivity, and stability for the detection of blood, semen, and saliva present on various substrates. 

It was concluded from this internal validation study that Crime-Lite® is a reliable, highly sensitive, precise, compact, user-friendly instrument that has the potential to be used for general body fluids identification, but has some limitations as a screening tool for very low concentrations of certain body fluids.


Evaluation and validation of Crime-lite®AUTO (Foster+Freeman) forensic body fluid screening


Partnership with International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) has yielded research work on topics such as   Systematic approaches for soil analysis in forensic investigation and Comparative soil analysis by scanning electron microscope: A forensic perspective.

An MOU had been signed then with International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA). This was the first program organized with ICBA after signing a MoU for academic and research collaboration by Amity University. 

A number of contemporary pedagogical tools are utilized in both theory and applied teaching for the Forensic science students. During lockdowns due to Covid-19 learning was facilitated with the help of an innovative virtual tour to the emirates soil museum. On October 18, 2020 the students and faculty attended this virtual tour to understand the various kinds of soil and its chemical contents.  The event was jointly organized with ICBA.

To facilitate the students on their employment opportunities during the lockdown period, students of forensic science programs undertook a virtual interview followed by telephonic discussion with Mr. Christian Verdan Cruz, HR, TUV Company, UAE.  The event was organized on 6 August 2020 and students got their bio-medical internship with the company.


Significant research work has emerged from the Forensic Science Departments collaboration with the Dubai Police. Some of the topics include Artificial Intelligence: Future of Firearm Examination, analysis of fracture and gunshot entrance pattern of skull caused by 0.22-caliber CZ 75 and 0.38-caliber Smith & Wesson.  A comparative study of entry impact of projectiles on ballistic gel body by using different firearms of the same caliber and a complicated murder case solved with the aid of fingerprints.

On May 5, 2020, the PG students and faculty attended a workshop on ‘Firearms examination and Identification Overview’ conducted by Mr. Mohammad Al Shamsi, Head of Firearms and Tool marks Section, General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology, Dubai Police. The session highlighted the firearms examination and identification overview in Dubai, UAE.


The pandemic COVID-19 lockdown’s impact on students’ career was mitigated with a number of online special lectures delivered by industry leaders. Some of the key indicative special lectures are listed below.

Students participated in  the special lecture on ‘Next Generation Forensic Solution (NGFS) – A Blue Ocean Approach’ delivered by Mr. Matt Chandran, Director, INFOVALLEY Group May 18, 2020 which highlighted on many practical points including futuristic approach towards execution of job efficiently, problem solving in an effective manner while creating tremendous value in the future. NGF (Next Generation Forensic).


A special online session on the title ‘Forensic Science: Past, Present and Future’ was delivered by Mr. Barry A. J. Fisher, Crime Laboratory Director, L. A. County Sheriff’s Department.  This lecture was significant to the students to be update on how developed countries use their knowledge on use of forensic science, forensic medicine, and technology. 


Community engagement and contribution to society has been forged into the AMUD’s research vision. Falling in line with this agenda, the forensics faculty has contributed through a variety of community engagement programs.

Boopesh Sharma, then Program Leader in Forensics delivered the keynote address at the National conference in Bioscience at Gujarat University, India on 16 Sep 2019. The speech was delivered to eminent scientists, experts and academicians from various schools around the nation.  


Nrashant Singh and Aby Joseph delivered their webinar lecture on ‘Higher Education Opportunities in the field of Forensics’.  This webinar was received by the student community in various schools through open access link on 7 June 2020. 

The faculty and students of forensics visited Bureau Veritas, Dubai, UAE.  Bureau Veritas is a world leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification services.  Created in 1828, the Group has more than 82,000 employees located in more than 1,600 offices and laboratories around the globe.  A collaborative workshop was organized by the school to understand requirements and tools to perform a failure analysis. 


Industry-academia partnerships focus on cross-fertilizing knowledge, skills and competencies in order to foster an environment of applied learning in teaching pedagogy.  A two day workshop was organized on 23-24 September 2019 with Dubai Police in their Head Quarters to learn practically about ‘Latent Fingerprint Examination’. 

70 students and faculty attended the workshop delivered by Mr. Ian Harris, Director, EVISCAN, at the General Department of Criminology and Forensics Science, Dubai Police HQ.  The participants were benefited with the knowledge and hands-on training on various emerging techniques of latent fingerprint development on the crime scene.


The PG students of forensics and the faculty members attended a special workshop on Forensic Ballistics conducted by Lieut. Mohammed Al Shamsi of Dubai Police at their headquarters on –June 13th, 2021.  The workshop served as an excellent platform to learn from industry experts on Advance Forensic Ballistics. 

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