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School of Humanities, Arts and Applied Sciences

At Amity University Dubai’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Applied Sciences, we offer a diverse array of Master’s degree courses meticulously designed to equip you for success across a multitude of fields.

Our courses are crafted to instil in you the skills that today’s employers seek, such as effective communication, leadership, decision-making, and creativity. As you delve into your studies, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of various subjects, fostering both your personal and professional growth.

From Education and Law to Forensic Sciences and Psychology, our Master’s degree programmes span a wide spectrum of disciplines, offering you the flexibility to pursue your passion.

Choose your degree below.


Master of Education


Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Master of Science Forensic Sciences

Master of Science in Forensic Sciences

Master of Arts Applied Psychology

Master of Science in Psychology

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