Research Grants

At Amity University Dubai, research grants are provided to our academic staff to fund research projects that will benefit local, regional and international stakeholders. 

The following grants have been issued to our university staff:

Research Grants
Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation for Policy Research - Faculty Research Grant 2022 of AED 34,000 - Amna Rafi Chaudhry
Prediction of Internal Erosion Rate Index Based on the Initial Physical Properties of Soils – Research Grant by American University of Sharjah of AED 120,000 between June 2020 – May 2022 - Principal Investigator: Dr. Mousa F. Attom, American University of Sharjah & Co-Investigator: Dr. Ramesh Vandanapu, EAID, Amity University, Dubai.
Le Solarium – Purification, Innovation and Conservation – EXPO 2020. AED 164,000 by EXPO LIVE UIP Grantees, UAE with the receipt of Final Grant Amount of AED 50,000 - Dr. Niva Rana Mahanta & Abraham K. Samuel.
BaityKool - 1st Solar-Decathlon Middle-East competition (Dubai-2018). AED 1.3 million by University of Bordeaux (ADERA) France, AED 550,000/- by Amity University Dubai and Prize Money of AED 700,000.
Design Modifications for expanding the current capabilities of C15-10 Armfield Subsonic Wind Tunnel - Dr. Siddarth Sudhakaran – AED 14,000 funding by Amity University Dubai
Image Processing based long term PV Energy Forecasting using Neutral Networks based on the Sky Images - Dr. Swaroop Pillai – AED 5,000 funding by Amity University Dubai.
Technical validation and evaluation of Miseq FGx forensic phenotyping (iMAGENE) and ancestry predication assays - Mr. Aby Joseph – AED 72,000 funding by Amity University Dubai.
Design and Development of Low Cost CNC Milling Machine for Prototype Manufacturing - Dr. Vishal Naranje – AED 22,300 funding by Amity University Dubai.

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