We Award Students who go the Extra Mile

We Award Students who go the Extra Mile



At Amity, we believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by outstanding students in their academic endeavours. The Amity Scholarships have been initiated to encourage students to achieve their best.

About our scholarships

Our scholarships are granted annually and reassessed for the following years according to academic performance (Merit List based on CGPA). Students can view the criteria in the Guidelines section in 'Scholarships, Award & Medals' on AMIZONE, which is the student intranet portal.

Here is a list of the various scholarships we offer:

Merit Scholarship

  • These scholarships are granted at the time of admission and are based on school or graduation results. This is only applicable to students graduating from schools or universities in the UAE. 

Undergraduate Programmes:

  • 100% scholarships are awarded to students achieving 93% or above in CBSE board exams or the equivalent from another curriculum
  • 50% is awarded for 88% or above and 25% for 80% or above or the equivalent

Postgraduate Programmes:

  • 15% is awarded for achieving 75% or above in a recognised Bachelor's degree or the equivalent

Means Scholarship

  • These scholarships are for students who are academically proficient and need financial assistance from the University. Please note that all requests for Means Scholarships are evaluated by the Scholarship Committee and the decision of the Committee is final.

Amity Graduate Awards

  • Students who have completed an undergraduate programme from Amity University Dubai are awarded a 20% scholarship.

Sibling Scholarship

  • When a second sibling joins Amity University Dubai, a 15% scholarship is awarded to them.

Sports Scholarship

  • Awarded for excellence in sporting achievements. Subject to management approval. 

Emirati Scholarship

  • All Emirati nationals are eligible for a 50% scholarship.

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