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Student Orientation


A Student Orientation is a comprehensive programme designed to welcome new students to a college or university and help them transition smoothly into campus life's academic and social aspects. 

The objectives of such orientations typically include an introduction to campus, and providing new students with a tour of the campus facilities, including academic buildings, libraries, residence halls, dining areas, recreational spaces, and student support services like counselling centres and health services. For international students, the orientation programme includes the UAE culture, heritage and customs.

Academic Advising involves offering guidance on course selection, degree requirements, academic policies, and resources such as tutoring centres and study groups. It also introduces students to faculty members and academic advisors. 

Orientation to College Life: Educating students about college culture, expectations, and opportunities, including involvement in clubs, organisations, and extracurricular activities. This may also cover topics like time management, study skills, and academic integrity. 

Social Integration: Facilitating opportunities for new students to meet and connect with their peers through icebreaker activities, group discussions, and social events. This helps build a sense of community and support among incoming students. 

Familiarisation with Resources: Introducing students to essential resources like the library system, computer labs, online learning platforms, and campus technology services. This includes information on how to access and utilise these resources effectively. 

Safety and Wellness: Addressing issues related to campus safety, emergency procedures, health and wellness services, mental health support, and resources for students facing personal challenges or crises. 

Orientation to College Policies: Informing students about college policies and procedures related to academic conduct, student rights and responsibilities, housing rules, financial matters, and other necessary regulations. 

Family Engagement: Involving families and parents in the orientation process by providing information sessions, resources, and opportunities to connect with campus staff and support networks.

Overall, Student Orientation aims to empower new students with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive academically, socially, and personally during their college experience.

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