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Ready to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey with our Incubation Centre?

Amity University Dubai's Incubation Centre is a one-of-a-kind initiative that helps students turn their ideas into a rapid reality. The centre enables students to get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship, promotes innovation-driven activities in the university and provides a comprehensive and integrated range of support, including mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits.

The Incubation Centre, a certified incubator under Dubai SME, is an ultimate innovation hub that brings together and builds a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, volunteers, innovators and students. From ideation to conception and execution, the centre has mentored 19 student start-ups, each at a different stage.

Activities and Services provided by the Incubation Centre: 

  • Mentorship: Encourage, experience, expertise and EQ for entrepreneurs who want to fast track a business start-up idea into action.
  • Networking: We help with networking and meeting other entrepreneurs, customers, industry leaders and support agencies.
  • Business Support: We help you prepare business plans and set-up a company.
  • Technical Support: We connect you with industry experts for technology sourcing & transfer.
  • Legal: We provide assistance in handling legal issues.
  • HR Support: We can help you recruitment interns for your startups.
  • Licensing: We support and contribute to the acquisition of a relevant Trade License.

The Incubation Centre welcomes business ideas from every sector, to enable students from every discipline to reach their entrepreneurial potential.

Contributions of Amity University Incubation Centre:

  • Academic leadership, which can formulate and implement a strategic vision on innovation and creativity, which helps, foster student startups.
  • Legal control over its resources, including buildings, equipment, and also intellectual property that results from research. 
  • Academic courses in business and entrepreneurship that support the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the university.
  • University Entrepreneurship Programme embedded in the curriculum and at the heart of Amity University Dubai - Creativity Innovation Entrepreneurship.

To learn how to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, reach out to 


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