Dr. Apurv Yadav is an Assistant Professor and Program Leader of the Solar & Alternate Energy Department at Amity University Dubai. He holds a PhD and a Master of Technology in Solar Energy from Amity University, Noida, and a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Inderprastha Engineering College, Ghaziabad. 

He is a proponent of project-based learning in his classes. He is passionate about his research interests in solar thermal engineering, alternative energy resources, basic thermal engineering, and internal combustion engines. Before joining Amity University Dubai, he worked as a solar design engineer for three years and as an Assistant Professor at an Indian university for five years.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Solar and Alternate Energy), Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Master of Technology (Renewable and Alternate Energy), Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India 
  • Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering), Uttar Pradesh Technical University, India

  • Duwee, K. J., Kumar, H., Khalid, M. N., & Yadav, A. (2023). Effect of Temperature Variation on a Solar PV Module in Dubai Winter Climate. In Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (pp. 527-534). Springer, Singapore.
  • Yadav, A., Pillai, S. R., Vashishtha, V. K., & Kumar, A. (2022). Feasibility study of vertical axis wind turbine on UAE highways. Materials Today: Proceedings.
  • Yadav, A., Verma, A., Bhatnagar, P. K., & Jain, V. K. (2022). Design of Photovoltaic System for DC Pumping Unit. In Renewable Energy and Storage Devices for Sustainable Development (pp. 147-153). Springer, Singapore.
  • Yadav, A. (2022). Biofuel from waste cooking oil of hospitality laboratory. Materials Today: Proceedings, 57, 2121-2123.
  • Yadav, A., Verma, A., Kumar, A., Dashmana, H., Kumar, A., Bhatnagar, P. K., & Jain, V. K. (2021). Recent advances on enhanced thermal conduction in phase change materials using carbon nanomaterials. Journal of Energy Storage, 43, 103173.

Dr. Yadav has been awarded with research grant by Amity University Dubai for two consecutive years on project titled, “Solar driven device for the cogeneration of electricity and freshwater.” and “Design and Fabrication of Solar-Wind Hybrid Unit for power generation from moving vehicles.”

  •         Member - Solar Energy Society of India 
  •         Member - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  •         Member - American Geophysical Union 

  • SAE201 Basic Thermal Engineering
  • SAE316 Wind Energy Engineering
  • SAE406 Alternate Technologies for Renewable Energy
  • SAE412 Design and Simulation of Solar Cells
  • SAE415 Hydrogen as Future Energy Source
  • MAE313 Internal Combustion Engines

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