Dr. Swamynathan Ramakrishnan has 22 years of experience in academia and currently serves as a faculty member at Amity Business School, Amity University Dubai. Prior to this, he was a full-time faculty member at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai. Dr. Swamynathan spent over 17 years in India serving with PSG Institutions, including PSG Institute of Management, which ranks among the top 50 business schools in India.

His academic contributions include authoring 32 papers in leading journals, six case studies, and successfully guiding eight PhD scholars in management sciences under Anna University, which is the apex technical university in the state. He is a reviewer for the Journal of Production Economics (JPE) Elsevier, the International Journal of Consumer Studies, and several other Scopus indexed journals.  Dr. Swamynathan is also a consultant for SMEs in the area of potential market assessment.

Dr. Swamynathan has been an active member of the PSG-ALPS team, which trains students for leadership through outbound programs, and has coordinated the US-Indian MBA program-University of Toledo MBA. He has also served as the Chairman of the Board of Studies for the MBA programme at several renowned universities in India.

  • Doctorate of Business Administration, Bharathiar University, India, 2008
  • Master in Business Administration, Bharathiar University, India, 1999
  • Bachelor in Business Administration, Madras University, India, 1994 

  • Anifa, M., Ramakrishnan, S., Joghee, S., Kabiraj, S., & Bishnoi, M. M. (2022), Fintech Innovations in the Financial Service Industry, Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 15(7), 287. MDPI AG. Retrieved from http://dx.doi.org/10.3390/jrfm15070287 
  • C Durgalashmi, K Taramol, Melethadathil N, Swamynathan Ramakrishnan (2022), A Comparative Study to Understand The Relevance Of Bangladesh Microfinance Model In Kerala, Korea Review of International Studies,  Volume 15, Issue 32, Mar 2022 Pp-5-20.
  • Ramakrishnan.S, Bishnoi M M (2021),Proposition Development on The Fintech Evolution And Its Impact The on Retail Banking Sector In India, Manager – The British Journal of Administrative Management, Vol:57; Issue 145, ISSN: 1746 – 1278.
  • Anifa M, Ramakrishnan S, Jeyanthi M (2021), ‘Consumer Buying Behavior During Covid’, Webology, Volume 18, Special Issue on Computing Technology and Management, Pp993-1006, ISSN: 1735-188X DOI: 10.14704/WEB/V18SI04/WEB18178 
  • Krishnaveni, R., Swamynathan, R., Mansurali, A.,(2019) Sustainable agricultural practices and occupational hazards with respect to farmer health and safety: A pilot study, Studies on Ethno-Medicine, 2019, 13(1), pp. 37–43, 2019, ISSN 0973-5070, Online 2456-6772, SCI indexed – Q2 journal SJR 0.144

  • Completed UGC Minor Research Project with Financial Assistance -  F .NO: 4-4/2013-14 (MRP-SEM/UGC- SERO, dated March,2014- Comcode : TNBA025. MRP -4975/14 (SERO/UGC)
  • AMUD-Internal Research Grant (in process) – Title: A study on sustainability practices and its impact on the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet and Profits) in the (Oil and gas) energy industry – Fund amounting to AED 41,000/-

  • ACBSP - Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • AOM - Academy of Management, USA

  • MKTG314 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG314 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG711 Product and Brand Management
  • MKTG714 Industrial Marketing
  • SCM611 Contemporary Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • SCM717 Global Business Management for Logistics and Supply Chain
  • SCM605 Business Value Management
  • SCM613 Commercial Regulations and Compliances
  • LGM711 Information Systems in Logistics & Supply chain
  • LGM719 Supply Chain Risk Management
  • LGM720 Logistics and Supply Chain Sustainability
  • POM725 Manufacturing and Service Competitiveness
  • POM731 Lean Sigma
  • POM702 Supply Chain Management

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