Mr. Anupam is an Assistant Professor who teaches Commercial Banking, Central Banking, Economics, Financial Markets, Foreign Exchange, International Finance, and other related subjects to BBA and MBA students.  

He holds a postgraduate degree in Economics and has over 25 years of banking experience at one of India's largest public sector banks, Union Bank of India. Mr. Anupam joined Amity Business School at Amity University in Dubai in September 2017.

He has over thirty publications to his credit in well-respected banking and professional journals, including those indexed by Scopus and published by the Reserve Bank of India.  

In his previous role, Mr. Anupam served as the Chief Faculty and managed one of the training centres for over seven years at the fifth-largest public sector bank in India.  He also served as the CEO of the bank's overseas branch at DIFC Dubai for three years.

  • Master of Arts in Economics, Lucknow University, India, 1984
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Commerce), Lucknow University, India, 1982
  • Bachelor of Laws (Law), Lucknow University, India, 1997

  • Mr. Anupam has more than thirty publications to his credit in Scopus-indexed conferences and reputed banking and professional journals/periodicals.  India’s Central Bank, RBI, has published his academic writings, the Indian Banker – a prestigious publication of the Indian Banks’ Association and Forbes Middle East.  Many of his Scopus Indexed research papers on diverse subjects have been included in IEEE Xplore digital library.  He has authored half a dozen case studies, which The Case Centre, UK, publishes.   

  • Certified Associate – Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) 
  • Member – Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF)

  • Commercial Banking
  • Central Banking
  • Economics
  • Financial Markets
  • Investment Planning
  • Foreign Exchange
  • International Finance

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