For new students

If you are a new student joining Amity University Dubai for the first time, your classes will begin from 18th September, 2023.  


Date Activity
18 September 2023 Commencement of classes

For existing students (3rd semester, 2nd year, 3rd year onwards)

For existing students who are already enrolled in one of our STEM degrees, such as Engineering, Computer Sciences, or a degree in one of our Humanities-related fields, then starting dates are 28th August, 2023, please click on the link below:

Our Autumn intake begins Monday 28th August, 2023.

Date Activity

28-29 August

Registration, Re-registration, Academic Advising Week

30 August

Commencement of Classes (Year-2,3,4,5)

22 September

Last day of APW Approval (Year-2,3,4,5)

26 September

Prophet Mohammed's Birthday

16-20 October

Mid-term Exams (Year-2,3,4,5)

1-3 December

UAE Commemoration Day/UAE National Day  (tentative)

8 December

Last day of classes (Year-2,3,4,5)

11-15 December

Reading Period/Exam Preparatory Week/Lab Exams/ Examinations- MBA (3C) &BBA (3C) (Odd)- (Year-2,3,4,5)

16 December-1 January

Winter Break (Year-2,3,4,5)

2-19 January

End-term Exams (Year-2,3,4,5)

20 January-2 February

Odd Semester Break (Year-2,3,4,5)

Date Activity

5-9 February

Re-registration, Academic Advising Week- Year 2,3,4,5

12 February

Commencement of Classes-Year 2,3,4,5

8 March

Last day of APW Approval- Year 2,3,4,5

11 March

Ramadan (tentative)

1-5 April

Mid-term Exams- Year 2,3,4,5

10-12 April

Eid Al Fitr Holidays (tentative)

 24 May

Last day of classes -  Year 2,3,4,5

27-31 May

Reading Period/Exam Preparatory Week/Lab Exams- Year 2,3,4,5

3-21 June

End-term Exams -  Year 2,3,4,5

17-19 June

Eid Al Adha Holidays (tentatively)

21 June

End of Even Semester  Year 2,3,4,5

8-12 July

Examinations- MBA (3C) &BBA (3C) (Even)

12 July-23 August

Internships/Summer Break

Date Activity

15-19 July

Registration & Academic Advising Week

15 July

Commencement of classes

23 August

Last day of classes

26-30 August

Last day of classes

30 August

End of Summer Semester

*Holidays and other events may change depending on government declaration.

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