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Academic Advising


Academic Advising at Amity University Dubai is a cornerstone of our commitment to student success. It is designed to guide students through their academic journey from orientation to graduation. 

In the comprehensive orientation sessions, new students are introduced to campus resources, meet their academic advisors, and start forging vital connections within the university community. Each student is paired with a dedicated advisor, typically a faculty member from their programme, ensuring personalised and informed guidance throughout their studies.

Academic Advising is more than just course selection; it's about holistic support and preparation for future careers. Regular meetings between students and advisors ensure that any academic challenges are addressed promptly and effectively. 

For students needing extra support, advisors help in creating personalised improvement plans and connect them to additional resources like tutoring and career services. Amity University Dubai's Academic Advising system empowers students to excel academically and prepare for successful careers through proactive guidance and continuous support.

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