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Nurturing and fostering our relations with alumnus of Amity is at the core of our existence as a center of academic excellence. Alumni Networks are an important platform for networking, social as well as professional, worldwide.

As part of our endeavor to have greater Alumni involvement in the Institutional Activities the Corporate Resource Centre has the Amity Alumni Masters Forum.

This forum is a platform for showcasing the Alumni as a role model and ambassador to our students and subsequently integrating them into the BUDDY / MENTOR Program at the campus. Through this forum Alumni role models share secrets of success with students on campus as 'Alumni Masters'. The students have the opportunity of coming face-to-face with the CEO of a billion-dollar corporation or understanding the routes to enter one’s favorite sector from a successful manager from the top company in the sector.

Such experiences can direct the future for students, and the Amity Alumni Masters Forum makes them available to Amity Dubai students. As they build their lives and careers, they serve as mentors and role models for current students.

  • Providing students with the chance to interact with some of Amity University’s most influential alumni gives students a different perspective on success. Students who only read a biography about someone might not grasp the hardships and failures they endured on their way to success.
  • The program takes advantage of the experience and wisdom within Amity’s alumni body, bringing successful graduates back to campus to interact with students and faculty. Through a variety of events and meetings, students learn about the "master's life" beyond a résumé, the bad times as well as the good.
  • Almost no one gets it right on the first try, and by exposing students to the idea that adversity and failure can eventually lead to something positive, and thus they are much more prepared when they enter their own careers.
  • Alumni Masters are men and women from a variety of professions who have set new standards of accomplishment by which others measure themselves. And for each of them, their Amity University education was the beginning of their success.
  • The program also endeavors to sponsor alumni (in any of our Executive MBA Programs, if they so wish to enhance their skill sets) as a step towards the overall success of the program and add prominent Amity alumni with unique qualifications to our roll of Alumni Masters.