Gain a Competitive Edge

Gain a Competitive Edge

Helping students discover their true potential

Many students have a clear vision of their future career path while others are unsure of which direction to take. Our Corporate Resource Centre helps students plan for life after Amity by guiding them and helping them uncover other fields on interest in order to find the most suitable and stimulating career path for them. The team help students with creating resumes and preparing for interviews, they also assist students with full-time and part-time internship opportunities in order to help boost their resumes. 

Understanding the potential within your career path

Career paths are not always easily defined and students are often unaware of where their jobs can take them. Our team at the Corporate Resource Centre can help clear unanswered questions and doubts about what the future holds. Through career planning, students will learn more about various sectors and understand how organisations function.

Preparing and supporting students throughout the process

Understanding the requirements of a job and adapting to different work environments is key. Through mentorship networking programmes, opportunities to meet with industry professionals, workshops and training sessions, Amity University Dubai prepares students for the realities of professional life. 

Amity's Corporate Resource Centre team guide students with the support of excellent faculty and leading industry professionals that visit the university regularly. We aim to place students in suitable organisations and give them the tools and training needed to take on workplace challenges and requirements.
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