Students have Everything at their Fingertips

Students have Everything at their Fingertips


At Amity University Dubai, we place great importance on academics, however we also believe in the importance of nurturing your emotional and physical well-being. When Amity University Dubai was designed, our goal was to create an environment that enthuses studying, inspires excellence and encourages physical and mental health and happiness. Our campus includes top-of-the-range facilities and several wellness centres.

Outdoor spaces that are perfect for studying, socialising or relaxing

Whether students are looking for a quiet place to study, an area to mingle with classmates or simply a place to unwind after a long day, our vast indoor and outdoor spaces are ideal any time of the day. Wide open areas and glass windows ensure that indoor spaces remain bright and vibrant with great views and comfortable seating.

Did you know that we’re one of the very few universities that have their own auditorium?

The generous space and modern design of the auditorium makes it the perfect venue for plenty of activities and events.

Students love organising fun flash mobs and music events, during special festivals and religious holidays like Christmas, Diwali and Ethnic Day, the auditorium is transformed into a cultural hub. 

The campus is open to students and parents all year. To check out the facilities, book a campus tour by contacting our Student Services Centre or email 

Global hands-on experience

Our world-class facilities, infrastructure and record job offers have resulted in our institutes becoming one of the most sought after education destinations. Amity's campus is incudes several state-of-the-art labs for spcialised courses like aerospace, construction, media, design, hospitality and more, to accustom students with real-life simulations and practical learning.

Amity University Dubai is home to a unique Incubation Centre where students can develop their ideas for start-ups under the mentorship of experts. The University also have a large network of industry leaders who regularly visit the campus to interact with students. We provide special assistance and training for job interviews, and focus on both soft and hard skills.  

Student Experience Centre

From queries about the University and courses to a safe-space where students can share grievances, the Student Experience Centre was created to ensure that all students have a centre that they can turn to when they require guidance, advice or information.

The Student Experience Centre team aims to create an interactive space with open communication where students can learn more about the University and the various opportunities available to them at Amity University Dubai. 

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