Sport does not Build Character, it Reveals it

Sport does not Build Character, it Reveals it


Click here for a virtual tour of our sports facilities.

Sports is a great way to maintain a balanced lifestyle, being active contributes to the physical and mental development and well-being of students. With a competition size swimming pool, soccer field with flood lights for day and night events, athletics track, tennis, padel tennis and basketball courts and a multi-purpose indoor sports stadium for badminton, volleyball, basket-ball and throwball, students can explore a range of sporting activities with the University campus.  

The on-campus gym have aerobic equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, climbers, rowers and weight resistant equipment like dumbbells, bench presses and more. A fitness studio covered with long mirrors and equipment is used to organize regular group sessions/classes. 

Under the supervision of a dedicated Sports Director, students are encouraged to utilize the facilities and participate in various internal and external sports events and competitions. 

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