Our students gain a competitive edge


Career Planning



It helps students discover their true potential

Some students always know what they’d like to do for a living while others don’t have a clue. Regular sessions with our guidance counsellors can help students find the right career path more easily, as well as uncover any fields of interest that is particularly prevalent in certain careers.


Students will gain a clear understanding of a potential career path

Career paths are not always defined and students don’t have clear ideas of where most jobs could lead. Counselling can help clear any doubts by providing students with all the information they need to understand what is expected in a particular job role, where the job role could lead to, what skill sets are needed and debunk any myths they may have heard.


Counsellors provide students with support and motivation

A career counsellor can provide essential support and boost the overall morale of a student by helping him or her understand the requirements of a particular job and what is needed for long term success. Additionally, career counsellors could teach students important networking skills that improve their chances of finding a job.


With support from excellent lecturers, leading industry professionals and a team of dedicated counsellors, Amity University students are well equipped to enter into careers they can be proud of.