“Sports does not build character. It reveals it.”



Sports is a great way for students to not only build up their health and fitness, but to also explore other areas in which they could excel and succeed. Dr. Amit Kumar is the Coach and Manager for sports facilities.


We have something for everyone to enjoy

If your heart is in the sporting arena, Amity University Dubai is perfect for you. On our 700 000 square feet campus you’ll find a pristine running track, a well-maintained football field, immaculate tennis and basketball courts, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and an indoor court for uninterrupted sports participation.

5 Reasons we strongly encourage sports:

  1. Students may have the opportunity to represent the university across inter college events.  
  2. There are scholarship awards for students who excel in sports.
  3. We have a rewards programme for students who contribute significantly to sport, which can greatly benefit students.
  4. We participate in all inter college and external tournaments, which give students exposure and increases their skill set.
  5. Using the available facility for training and development.


Here are the events we’re currently active in:

  1. Soccer (male & female)
  2. Cricket (male & female)
  3. Athletics (male & female)
  4. Volleyball (male & female)
  5. Badminton (male & female)
  6. Table Tennis (male & female)
  7. Basketball (male & female)
  8. Tennis (male & female)
  9. Swimming (male & female)
  10. Throw Ball (female)