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Arts and Humanities

Our aim


We aim to provide an excellent education that’s level with international standards. Students are trained to become proficient in the fundamentals of psychology and allied fields. The emphasis of our applied psychology programme is on the principles of academic excellence and will lead to students developing an insight into the world of Counseling, Clinical, Organisational, Applied Psychology along with the development of analytical skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, and wide-ranging humanistic services to focus on preventive and curative approaches to promote positive mental health in society. Students will graduate and be well qualified to provide services in educational institutions, corporate, primary and tertiary healthcare settings, policy-developing institutes, schools and more.


More about the programme


The BA (Hons) Applied Psychology Programme at Amity University Dubai offers a broad and self-contained introduction which covers the basics of General Psychology, Physiological or Biological bases of behaviour, Lifespan development, Personality Development, Applied Social Psychology, Counseling and Clinical Psychology, School or Educational Psychology, Organizational or Human Resource Development, Health Psychology and social Gerontology.


The range of classes provides a greater understanding of human development and interaction, cognitive processes, individual differences and biological influences on behaviour. An experimental approach is common to all classes and research and statistical methods are studied in their own right. A variety of optional classes is offered, in which the students study an area of psychology in greater depth.