Our aim

We aim to teach our students how to understand the concepts of law and social sciences; and how it can be applied in multidisciplinary contexts. Students will learn how to critically analyse social legal problems and develop the strong characteristics that’s needed to succeed in this career.


More about the programme

This is a five year integrated programme that incorporates the syllabus mentioned in Bar Council of India Rules, together with specialisation like Trade and design, international humanitarian law, Merger and Acquisitions and Patent Creation and Registration. Students will be properly equipped to appear before courts or tribunals and perform other essential roles of law professionals. The programme structure is framed to bridge a crucial gap and creates synergies by bringing management and law together by offering subjects like corporate governance, financial management, marketing management and entrepreneurship.


Law is one of the world’s most respected professions and is in high demand. The wide spectrum of skills provided by the BA LLB place Amity University Dubai law graduates top of mind with employers.