Explore. Experiment. Emerge.

Explore. Experiment. Emerge.

Incubation Centre

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Ready to kick-start your entrepreneurial journey with The Incubation Centre?

Amity University Dubai's Incubation Centre is a one-of-a-kind initiative that helps students turn their ideas into a rapid reality. The ultimate innovation hub that brings together and builds a community of mentors, entrepreneurs, volunteers, innovators and students. From ideation to conception and execution, the centre have mentored 19 student start-ups till date with each one being at a different stage.

The Incubation Centre welcomes business ideas from every sector, to enable students from all disciplines to reach their entrepreneurial potential. Monthly ‘Coffee with CEO’ sessions are also organised by the Incubation Centre, this is open to students from all universities. These sessions are designed to expose students to the realities of starting their own ventures, they are also great for students that want to become entrepreneurs in the future and even students that need overall career guidance.

Amity University Dubai's Incubation Centre is a certified Incubator under Dubai SME.

The facility under the University Incubators programme of Dubai SME aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and will further contribute towards transforming national and private universities into free economic and creative zones as stated in the sixth article of the Fifty-Year Charter of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

With the development of educational strategies over the years, education remains at the heart of the national agenda of the UAE Vision 2021. Through this partnership, Amity Dubai ensures that students develop the core competencies required to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship, in addition to creating unique opportunities for students, while ensuring their contribution to the emirate’s economy, community support and humanity. The initiative creates a learning environment and provides the necessary support for future generations of entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Participate in Eureka and The Idea Factory 2021 and start putting your ideas into action 

A business idea competition that provides a platform for potential innovations and early-stage start-ups to evaluate their plan within a risk-free environment. Students compete to become a part of the flagship Incubation Centre Programme which is designed to support entrepreneurs with launching and scaling their own business ideas.

Under this program, innovative entrepreneurs with promising business ideas will be invited to apply and enter a selection process. Selected ideas then get an opportunity to be a part of Amity University Dubai's Incubation Centre Programme.

ELIGIBILITY - Students from all universities in the UAE are eligible to apply/participate (undergraduate or post graduate), with a maximum of 5 students per team. 

Follow the link to register online - //incubation.typeform.com/to/Os2rAg

Three winners will begin their start-up journey by qualifying for the Incubation Centre Programme.

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