Amity University Dubai: Building career-ready talent to become leaders of tomorrow

August 17, 2022 | Hina Navin


Set on a large 700,000 square foot campus, Amity University Dubai offers state-of-the-art labs and sports and educational facilities, helping foster success among young adults through its world-class teaching experiences.

Holding the UAE Ministry of Education institutional licensure, obtained through the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Amity University Dubai presents a multidisciplinary education framework and highly experienced faculty, complemented by quality learning and research facilities including CAA-accredited Business programmes.

The Business School programmes at Amity prepare students to understand the role of business in society, its functions, and the inter-relationship among business functions. Emphasis is given to training in productivity tools, and developing problem-solving and business simulation techniques to apply analytical skills to real-world business situations.

Amity University Dubai promotes research and innovation, training its students to develop an entrepreneurial attitude, and produce career-ready talent to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Students at Amity University Dubai get trained under a range of multidisciplinary graduate and post-graduate programmes, including MBA, BBA, Finance, Commerce, Digital Marketing, Engineering (Aerospace, Civil, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, Solar and Alternate Energy), Journalism, Mass Communication, Forensic Sciences, Psychology, Interior Design, Architecture, Law, Fashion Design, Hotel Management, Tourism and Animation.

The advanced labs at the University are equipped with the Amity Satellite Ground Station, various piston engine models, gas turbine models and reaction turbine benches. It nourishes a competitive advantage for students to obtain first-hand experience in the field of Aerospace Engineering.

The Mechanical Engineering course at Amity also offers hands-on experience across five sections: The Machines Shop, The Welding Shop, The Foundry Shop, The Sheet Metal Shop and The Fitting Shop, helping students to study the principles of mechanics.

Amity's advanced schooling system teaches students to develop as critical thinkers and become well prepared to succeed in multicultural job settings in their chosen fields of expertise.

With the prestigious accreditation it received from Dubai SME, Amity Dubai's Incubation Centre has several successful start-ups under its belt.

For passionate and hardworking individuals seeking to change the world, Amity Dubai extends its wholehearted support, helping them achieve career goals and bringing their dream projects to fruition through sustainable business models.

The University also adapts to the UAE's demanding education landscape via innovative education approaches and modern teaching standards. Interested students can choose from a broad range of multidisciplinary programmes, visiting the University's website or campus to enrol in their chosen course and explore their career path.

The University also provides on-campus residences to house several international and local communities.

Scholarships at Amity University Dubai are awarded annually to students graduating from schools or universities in the UAE, celebrating outstanding student excellence in their academic endeavours and awarding them special grants annually that are reviewed in the following years based on academic performance.

The vision at Amity University Dubai is to build a positive influence on the world, society and environment by bringing together the best global faculty, professors and students.

Embark on your learning journey with Amity University Dubai. Admissions are now open for September 2022.

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