Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering)

Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering)


Programme Duration

4 years



8 Semesters





Students from all curriculua must have studied higher level Physics, Chemistry and Maths. A minimum 50% aggregate in CBSE grades X & XII with a minimum of 60% in PCM, or the equivalent from alternative schools, is required.



Academic Year



Fees per Year

AED 48,000

Why choose this field

Job opportunities in Computer Science are expected to increase by 22% worldwide. The IT industry in the UAE has seen sales of over US$5.9 billion with the annual growth rate of 14% in the past years.

Dubai plans to spend between US$1.6 million and US$2.2 million per year over the next few years implementing its plan of having 90% of government services available online, which makes it the ideal spot to kick-start a career in Computer Science.

Computer Engineers have plenty of options in departments such as design, development in hardware and software, assembly, manufacturing, networking and maintenance. Non-IT companies include universities, government departments and business organisations.

Programme Description

The B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) programme at Amity University Dubai is designed to provide the industry with engineers with a high level of in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide range of relevant topics. Using the high-tech lab, our students will also develop related skills in research and an understanding of the process of technological innovation, opening up a gateway for successful careers with global IT firms or for higher studies.

What will students learn throughout this course?

Computer Science is about diving into systems, networks and complex issues related to computers and programmes. At the end of this course, students will be able to apply their wealth of knowledge in the various


Graduates will be able to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and domain knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering to the solution of complex engineering problems.


What will students learn?

Learning outcome

Graduates will learn how to apply key concepts of science and engineering to analyse, formulate and solve intricate scenarios and problems. 

Learning outcome 2

Students will have the knowledge to design software and hardware applications with the following factors in mind: public health, safety and environmental concerns. 

Learning outcome 3

We aim to prepare students for the industry – both professionally and ethically. 

Learning outcome 4

Students will learn how to model, design, implement and verify a computing system according to real-world constraints and requirements.  

Learning outcome 5

Students will be motivated to become entrepreneurs and leaders – in their profession and various facets of life.  

Learning outcome 6

Students will become motivated to engage in independent, lifelong learning regarding technology and its ever-changing environment.

Learning outcome 7

This programme will prepare students to become global citizens and professionals.

What will students achieve?