School of Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design

Our Engineering School offers a range of engineering and technology programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is a vibrant community of academic scholars, students and staff dedicated to engineering education and innovation for the ultimate benefit of society. 

Our Engineering School offers a wide selection of prestigious, top-ranked degrees, including BTech in Computer Science & Engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and BSc Information Technology. 

Dr. Sathish Kannan
Professor Anand Kumar
Professor Niva Rana Mahanta
Dr. Asha Anish Madhavan
Dr. Ashok Ganapathy Iyer
Dr. Bhopendra Singh
Dr. Dinesh Chand
Dr. Ishu Sharma
Dr. Swaroop Ramaswamy Pillai
Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra
Dr. Vinod Kumar Shukla
Mr. Sarath Raj
Mr. Abraham K Samuel
Dr. Apurv Yadav
Dr. Efstratios Ntantis
Dr. Rafe Alasem
Dr. Ramesh Vandanapu
Dr. Siddharth Sudhakaran
Dr. Vishal Naranje
Mr. Deepak Tulsiram Patil
Ms. Vidya P Mohanan
Ms. Reshmi S Nair
Ms. Salma Al Zahabi
Dr. Soumaya Boudagga

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